BlackLine for Order-To-Cash

Are you struggling to connect your accounting team to business operations?

Better aligning Accounting to revenue-related activities is a key initiative for many companies. And having an effective and efficient order-to-cash process is a catalyst.

Optimizing days sales outstanding (DSO), invoice automation, managing credit and collections, and measuring other KPIs are all key functions within O2C.

But when Accounting is bogged down by manual processes and controls, like reconciling high volumes of data or checking completeness, there’s hardly time to perform business-partnering tasks like analyzing trends or delivering insights.

Read BlackLine for Order-To-Cash to learn how you can automate manual, repetitive O2C activities so your accounting team can have more time to focus on what matters most.

This use case highlights:

Unique O2C challenges faced by accounting teams

How technology helps align Accounting to revenue-cycle processes

Specific O2C use cases that BlackLine automates