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BeyondTheBlack: Turning the Page on 2020

We just hosted our annual BeyondTheBlack event, and we’re still amazed by all the inspiring keynotes, customer stories, educational workshops, and insights into the future of F&A that were shared over the three days.

This year’s setting for BeyondTheBlack was completely virtual, but with sessions on everything from matching transaction data to T&E clearing, the content was grounded in reality.

Investments in BlackLine’s people, platform, and infrastructure underscored the President and product keynotes, while much of the conference focused on moving forward in a world upset by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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In this issue of BlackLine Quarterly, we’re diving into some of the highlights from our annual event, including our inspiring keynotes, the SAP track, and stories about these sessions:

A Better Way to Unify & Reconcile Data

Eliminating Spreadsheet Gymnastics in Your Payroll & T&E

Making the Most of Process Automation