White Paper

Beyond the Unexpected: Mastering Business Resilience in an Era of Uncertainty

Organizations and their people have recently been buffeted by a series of global crises with the potential to undermine business continuity and financial stability—sometimes overnight. From the COVID-19 pandemic to geopolitical shocks and the uncontrollable impacts of climate change, businesses are being forced to react and respond to external challenges more rapidly—and frequently—than ever before.

During such times, it is often finance and business leaders who stand as the vanguards of organizational stability. Now, these leaders and their finance and accounting (F&A) teams are left grappling with the question of not if but when the next unexpected event will strike.

Working with independent research consultancy Censuswide, we surveyed C-suite executives and F&A professionals around the world to find out:

The economic and business challenges leaders are most concerned about and which factors could be undermining businesses’ ability to respond

What C-suite and F&A leaders believe is most important for ensuring their company can successfully navigate future disruption

We also examined data from the past five years to understand trends in the trust of financial data and the potential impact of errors on business agility and resiliency