A Unified Approach to Financial Close and Consolidation

Traditional financial close and consolidation processes are dated and reactive, relying on decentralized teams and disconnected technology that limit visibility and heighten the risk of financial reporting errors.

As finance and accounting teams face increasing pressure to provide real-time insights, unifying and harmonizing these activities to close faster with greater control has become a priority.

BlackLine streamlines and automates activities across financial close and consolidation, centralizing data and teams while enabling real-time transparency. In this session, join Clearsulting and BlackLine as we discuss how F&A leaders are using technology to modernize their record-to-report (R2R) activities.  

In this session, you will learn:

Why various R2R activities limit your ability to prepare timely and accurate financials.

How leading organizations are rethinking their R2R strategy by centralizing people and data.

How BlackLine unifies close and consolidation to effortlessly prepare detailed financial statements with comprehensive context .