White Paper

7 Reasons AR Is Important to the Office of the Controller

The Controller is no longer solely focused on making sure the numbers stack up. Their role has evolved into a forward-looking chief value extractor, driving technological change, good governance, and a bias for action on future revenue streams and investment returns.

In today’s environment, too many organizations have cash held hostage in the balance sheet, with too much working capital tied up that should be free cash and available in the bank.

Cash is and has always been critical to the well-being of any business, and AR automation allows people to focus on the tasks and activities that will drive more cash into the business.

Get your copy of this white paper to discover the seven reasons why AR automation is high on the agenda for controllers today, and how to drive value in these key areas. You will learn how AR automation can:

Drive payment performance and improve liquidity measures

Enable data-driven decisions that produce results

Provide a full audit trail that creates confidence for all stakeholders