UHY Consulting

As a trusted, early partner of BlackLine since 2006, UHY Consulting has vast experience and deep knowledge of BlackLine and leverages this for organizations of all sizes, industries, and sectors—from Fortune 500 to dynamic middle-market companies.

Providing expertise on over 250 unique BlackLine projects—both implementation and optimization—our proprietary methodology allows you to fully leverage the automation and continuous improvement capabilities within BlackLine to increase the productivity and effectiveness of your financial teams.

What makes UHY Consulting unique is our end-to-end capabilities that provide your organization with total guidance, training, and support to truly maximize your accounting automation process. In addition, while we have the vast experience and knowledge of much larger firms, we can be nimbler and more cost-effective in our approach and delivery.

Our team of experienced BlackLine implementation specialists lead with:

  • Deep industry and product expertise

  • A proprietary blended-learning model

  • Enterprise optimization methodology

  • A robust project management approach

We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with our clients, many of whom completed their initial implementation, and years later, are continuing to seek help from us to optimize their BlackLine investment.

UHY Consulting has a strong track record with BlackLine and companies across the US and the globe, and we have the expertise to ensure your implementation is successful.