Deloitte’s Digital Controllership services, combined with BlackLine’s leading cloud financial close solutions, can help guide organizations to govern and automate complex accounting processes—while helping to improve operational efficiency and reducing occurrences of costly errors—allowing talent to shift to higher-value activities.

The Future of Controllership Is Now

Today, many accounting and finance leaders are facing enormous pressure to shorten their financial close process, accelerate reporting to management and shareholders, and increase process efficiency—all while providing accurate and timely financial statements. Compounding these challenges are inconsistent, error-prone manual processes and data from multiple ERPs and other systems that can lead to burdensome tasks and workarounds that consume unnecessary time and cost to the organization.

Leading controllership functions are harnessing technology to apply process automation and standardization to account reconciliations, journal entries, and intercompany transactions to help improve data consistency and quality and shift talented resources to more strategic and analytical work.

Together, Deloitte and BlackLine help to guide finance organizations to:

  • Accelerate financial processes while increasing confidence in financial statements and controls

  • Mitigate risks associated with rework and control deficiencies

  • Free up valuable finance and controllership professionals for higher-value work

Start your journey to digital today by leveraging the power of process automation, Continuous Accounting, and Digital Controllership.