Modern Accounting Award Winners


Nominations are open for the 2022 Modern Accounting Awards!

The Modern Accounting Awards celebrate game-changing finance and accounting technology transformations, no matter your stage of transformation. Tell us how you utilized BlackLine to overcome a specific challenge, saved your organization time and money, executed on a bold vision, or developed a unique use case. If you have an incredible story to share, apply before May 31 for one or more of the following award categories. Then, we’ll celebrate the winners at BeyondTheBlack!

The Unifier

Your organization overcame the challenges inherent in a complex finance technology landscape by unifying data, processes, and visibility to deliver accurate results faster.

Previous Winner:

Dentsu International

The Accelerator

Your company has automated routine accounting work to save time, refocus on strategic business initiatives, and revolutionize F&A use cases through process design and automation.

Previous Winner:

FWD Insurance

The Closer

You embraced a continuous approach to accounting so you could speed up the close process and support the business in real-time.

Previous Winner:

Flowers Bakeries LLC

The Capitalizer

Your organization has achieved operational excellence by unifying data and processes with the deployment of Accounts Receivable Automation.

Previous Winner:


The Modernizer

Your organization completely embraced modern accounting and moved from traditional, manual, and chaotic processes towards a proactive, predictable, and fast Finance & Accounting function.

Previous Winner:

Atlantic Union Bank

The Transformer

Your company has transformed your F&A operations with a bold vision that incorporates people, process, and technology.

Previous Winner:

Global Industrial Manufacturing Company

The Trailblazer

You are a modern accounting pioneer who takes on new challenges to continually eliminate manual processes through the creative use of technology solutions, advanced functionality, and new capabilities and features.

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