Modern Accounting Award Winners


Zurich North America

While moving to SAP S/4HANA and in preparation for IFRS17, global insurance company Zurich North America saw a 160% increase in reconciliations while automating 98% of their certifications in BlackLine.

“BlackLine definitely helped us improve our controls, not just with reconciliations, but in the whole close management process.”

Doug Tramp
Director of Finance Systems & Operational Change



Semiconductor manufacturer Intel saved more than 3,000 hours a year by automating 90% of their matches for their cash clearing process, and automating journal entry templates for payroll and bank recs.

“We’ve achieved a match rate between 85 and 90%—a significant time savings allowing our team to focus more on analysis than mundane manual processes.”

David Stormo
Automation Solutions Lead



McKesson, a large healthcare supplies and services provider, saved 7,500 hours a year by reducing account reconciliation frequency and enabling a new risk ranking and materiality threshold framework.

“There’s no more guesswork. We have visibility across all of McKesson from a financial close standpoint.”

Kim Pritchard
Director of Accounting Systems


Big Ass Fans

Industrial fan maker Big Ass Fans modernized their financial close, working 200% more effectively with 30% less accounting staff and closing the monthly books in just two days, freeing time to focus on business value.

“Freeing up time and better data through BlackLine allows us the focus on creating business value. We took a non-compliant, non-effective finance group and turned it into a best-in-class operation in just over two years.”

Eric Evans
Chief Financial Officer


Large CPG & Healthcare Company

One of the world’s largest healthcare conglomerates standardized BlackLine across five Global Business Services centers with thousands of users, completing the rollout of BlackLine Journals across 20 SAP systems.

"BlackLine gives us visibility into financial information we didn’t have before… [and] has enabled us to reduce the time required for the reconciliation process.”

Manager, Global Finance Standardization