BlackLine launches Cash Application

AI-Powered automation for Accounts Receivable

Consumer Goods

Your business moves faster every year. Keeping up requires not just creating new products, but also managing changing buyer demand, new distribution channels, and evolving regulations. In a business climate this volatile, you’d never dream of managing your customers, distribution, and manufacturing with Excel. So why are you still using spreadsheets to manage your period-end close? A manual close process can’t deliver real-time visibility or true accuracy. Staying competitive means having the right data to make the right decisions, today, not tomorrow. Yet spreadsheets not only obscure the bigger picture of what’s really going on with your financial foundation—they’re also highly error-prone. One simple transcription mistake in one cell, copied to thousands of spreadsheets across the entire organization, is bad news for your bottom line and your reputation. A spreadsheet-driven close is also a waste of time and people power. Your financial team’s expertise doesn’t lie in data entry. Eliminating manual and rote processes frees accountants to focus on analysis and strategy—the work that makes your company more competitive and agile. BlackLine improves the visibility, accuracy, and efficiency of your close—at less cost. BlackLine Finance Controls and Automation platform automatically imports data from bank files, POS systems, sub-ledgers, and ERPs. Transactions are matched faster—one million per minute—yet with fewer errors, leaving finance teams time to focus on analysis and discrepancies. Decision makers can track and review close process and get the big picture of the balance sheet, any time, from anywhere. Plus, internal and external auditors can access records in real time without asking for files or waiting on emails.