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Finance Innovation Week:

Making the Move to Modern Accounting


Traditional manual accounting processes are not sustainable, especially in our current environment of accounting with a distributed workforce.

But it is possible to virtually close with confidence and continuously improve your F&A processes by putting the right technology solutions in place.

Finance Innovation Week On-Demand is your chance to come away with ideas and strategies for successfully transforming your accounting and finance teams. 

Tuesday, June 9

RSM: Flatten the Curve: Close with Certainty & Sanity

Accounting and finance professionals rarely look forward to the close process. And when it comes to the close, faster doesn't always equal better. Learn to right-size your close via a risk-based, data-driven approach that incorporates materiality to bring sanity back to your team. Through a real-life case study, visualize an optimized close leveraging revised policies, refined processes, data governance, and various enabling technologies.

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Vaco: Mastering Technology in Finance & Accounting

Technology-based disruptions are all around us today and the finance and accounting function is no exception. Come hear from industry thought leaders at Vaco on what companies and individuals can expect (and what you can do about it) as an increased focus on technology and automation are forever altering the professional landscape at an increasingly rapid pace.

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Wednesday, June 10

Clearsulting: Extracting Greater Value from BlackLine Matching with Middle Layer Technology 

BlackLine Transaction Matching is a world-class solution, however, matching is only as good as the data you import. Data needs to be granular and direct from source, complete and validated against the General Ledger, and enriched to drive high-confidence automated matching. Learn how using best-in-class Extract Transform Load (ETL) tools can enhance your data through validation, completeness, and enrichment. Import data from any system—Treasury Management Systems (TMS) and Point of Sale systems, to name a few—ensuring data completeness and making sure matching automation is both efficient and effective.

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Riveron: Which Comes First? ERP or CPM?

We are all familiar with the age-old dilemma of the chicken and the egg: which came first? But what about the decision of whether to lead with an ERP upgrade/replacement or a CPM implementation?

As organizations mature, it is common to outgrow traditional ERP platforms and place upgrades, or even replacements, of legacy systems high on the list for capital expenditure requests. Enhancements of this nature are even more critical during periods of growth and innovation, when the need for highly flexible structures, advanced process automation, and streamlined data necessitates large transformation projects.

By allowing companies to increase flexibility in data, reporting, and analytics, while simultaneously creating new visibility and discipline in the close management process, organizations can deliver true process automation and create the basis for enterprise business planning.

In this presentation, we will explore why CPM solutions are becoming the go-to application for achieving quick time-to-value, while allowing organizations to more carefully explore and manage the process of an ERP transition.

Join us as we answer the question, “which comes first?”

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Thursday, June 11

RGP | CoStar: Overcoming Lease Accounting Challenges with Digital Transformation

Have you started, or will you be starting, on your lease accounting compliance journey? Are you looking to reshape your business, increase speed, and drive efficiency? Are you faced with managing high volumes of data and journal entries as a result of the new lease accounting standard? During this session, you will gain valuable insight on developing end-to-end lease data automation so you can easily reconcile your G/L entries and balances.

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UHY: Driving Innovation Through a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Change can be difficult, and sustaining change can be an even bigger challenge. So how can you set yourself up for a successful continuous improvement program from the beginning?

This session discusses:

  • Building a culture of continuous improvement
  • Instilling employee passion and ownership from the beginning to sustain change
  • Setting metrics that drive continuous improvement
  • What tools should you have in your Continuous Improvement toolkit?
  • The importance of Measuring, Empowering, Publishing, Communicating and Celebrating
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Friday, June 12

SAP: Maintaining Resilience in a Changing Environment

Congratulations. You survived your first virtual financial close, and you probably did better than you expected. Now, how do you adapt your processes to an ever changing landscape? Learn how you can use technology to gain quick wins that will lead to long term process excellence. Explore how SAP’s Finance and Risk solutions are helping customers ensure the commercial viability of their sales, supply chain and other enterprise transformation initiatives.

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Deloitte | EY | KPMG: The Finance & Accounting Continuity Paradigm: Where Do We Go From Here?

With little time to prepare, finance and accounting teams were thrust into a new world with a distributed workforce, a virtual close, and many open projects. While the future is dominated by unknowns, Finance & Accounting leaders are in a unique position to enable activation plans to ensure business continuity in this next normal, and beyond.

Join Deloitte, EY, KPMG, and BlackLine for a panel discussion on Friday, June 12 at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET. The panel will offer their perspectives on the challenges accounting and finance leaders are facing in this unprecedented environment, and discuss potential solutions that include:

  • Keys  to a successful business continuity plan and where to start if you don’t have one today
  • Leading practices for maintaining business as usual, and how early insights from the first virtual close cycle can influence practices
  • Where do we go from here—with or without continuity plans in place, what companies can do to be successful in these uncertain times
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