Finance Innovation Week


The past 12 months have been challenging, to say the least. Businesses have had to continuously re-think their relationships to markets, customers, employees, and investors.
Many have benefitted and become better from the lessons they learned, and many of those companies are now among the leaders in signaling a new ability to emerge stronger and wiser in 2021.
We live in a digital age, and while the transition to a virtual professional world isn't easy, it is possible to leverage what may seem like chaos into strategic advantage. Finance Innovation Week on-demand is your chance to come away with the ideas and strategies you need to do this successfully and with the right technology.

EY: Evolution or Revolution? The case for finance innovation

A quick-start approach to finance innovation or an acceleration of existing transformation initiatives became a necessity for many organizations over the past year. Whether they were implementing finance transformation initiatives or just starting out, the pandemic laid bare some of the gaps in processes and technologies that needed to be urgently addressed. Most notable was an increased awareness of how speed to value is maximized when you bring the proper balance of operational change, technology innovation, and talent strategy.

How do you determine the correct path to innovation? Explore questions such as:

  • Do you tweak current processes or rebuild them?

  • Which tasks can offer most benefit from increased automation?

  • How do you redeploy resources to provide greater insights and help drive business decisions?

  • What is the impact on culture and people?

Join EY leaders for an interactive conversation about the business case for finance innovation and the transformation journey of a global organization.

RSM: Navigating Your Digital Transformation Journey with BlackLine

Organizations across all industries are implementing digital transformation initiatives with the goal of leveraging technology to keep pace with evolving customer and employee expectations. By successfully integrating technology, middle market companies can increase revenue, streamline key business processes, increase scalability and agility, and ultimately, create a competitive advantage.

How organizations choose, implement, and manage evolving technology solutions can position them above the competition in the middle market.

Join us to learn more about digital transformation in the middle market, and why BlackLine’s Modern Accounting Playbook solution should be considered as a key part of your digital transformation journey.

SAP: Leading Practices for Cloud Business Transformation

As they strive to strengthen existing operations and enter new markets, companies are more focused than ever on simple and agile processes and technologies to help them get there. The COVID-19 crisis has accelerated the need for digital transformation, and SAP is helping companies reinvent the way they run their business through RISE with SAP.

RISE with SAP is an offering that brings together everything organizations need to transform their business in the way that works best for them. A modern cloud approach, best practices, industry solutions, and a robust network of partner specialists will result in fast time to value and companies’ evolution toward an intelligent enterprise.

Join SAP and BlackLine to learn how business process intelligence can help you optimize, automate, and continuously improve. Finance and Accounting specialists will cover a variety of topics, including how:

  • Moving to the cloud enables agility and lower TCO

  • SAP Solution Extensions by BlackLine alignto RISE with SAP

  • Leading organizations are kickstarting their transformation with quick wins in F&A

UHY: Why Automated Journal Entries Are Better. Just Ask Home Depot!

Journal entry fatigue is rampant in accounting and finance departments everywhere. If your team is still manually entering journal entries, especially those that have consistent data sources and logic, there’s a better way!

Join us to understand how automation can save your company time and ensure accuracy. Learn how the largest home improvement retailer in the U.S. took advantage of BlackLine’s automated journals technology. This solution can reduce journal entry time and reporting by more than 90%.

UHY Consulting, a trusted BlackLine partner since 2006, will show you how your organization will instantly benefit from automated journal entries, giving you back valuable time to spend on strategic planning for your business.

  • Learn how Home Depot has changed their financial close journey

  • We’ll demonstrate how automating journals has changed their landscape

  • See how the company is currently using this technology to stay one step ahead during their month-end close process

AICPA: Getting Our Mise en Place: Setting Our Table for the Future & Developing the Right Talent

CFOs and finance professionals have been thrust into the center of attention as they are called on to help businesses survive and thrive in these extraordinary times.

The starting point is generally to address the cost effectiveness of our finance teams by using digital solutions. This enables them to spend more time on value creating activities—through the use of greater analytics—and become strategic partners to the business.

While the focus starts with this technology, the key is to then to develop capability, skills, and mindsets to maximize the change. As we do that, we stretch the skills and capacity of overloaded finance teams.

In fact, 90% of CFOs say their teams lack the skills needed for the current environment. The result is a growing talent-performance gap—the difference between sufficient staff capable of value partnering and well versed in leadership, sense-making, collaboration and story-telling and staff lacking these skills.

During this session, we will:

  • Discuss how the pandemic has impacted finance functions and what the research is saying

  • Identify the top trends and issues on the minds of finance leaders

  • Determine the top skills and competencies needed to get the most out the digital tools

  • Determine the top skills, competencies, and mindset required to stay relevant and provide increasing value

  • Construct a talent game plan to align with changing business needs

Clearsulting: Technology as a Catalyst, Not a Silver Bullet

With accounting teams under pressure to do more with less—and many doing that remotely—companies are turning to technology as a fix-all. Technology can drive massive benefits, but it cannot be the only answer. It should be coupled with process improvements and thoughtful change management to ensure your people embrace the technology and drive more value through it.

Join us for a discussion on how to:

  • Enable change by understanding processes, behavioral drivers, and organizational commitment.

  • Use technology as a catalyst for change.

  • Embed a structure that preserves momentum.

  • Empower your people by creating new skillsets and opportunities.

RGP: Maintaining Close Optimization Momentum with BlackLine and More

Learn how RGP and BlackLine can help you maintain momentum on your finance optimization journey

The Future of Accounting Is Here