Finance Innovation Week

Changing the Game for F&A

Listen to Finance Innovation Week on demand to hear from key BlackLine partners as they share their perspectives on the latest trends, strategies, and technology in finance transformation. These partners are here to help you take the next game-changing step in your modernization journey. During seven partner-led sessions, they’ll provide guidance and best practices to drive growth and bring critical competitive advantage to your organization.

Jumpstart your Intercompany Program Transformation

“Where do we begin?” Given the cross functional complexities in the end-to-end intercompany process this first step will be critical to gain momentum and align stakeholders on the intercompany program transformation roadmap.

Revolutionizing Finance and Accounting: Harnessing RPA and AI for Innovation

This event brings insight into the latest strategies reshaping the month-end close processes. Discover how the integration of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming our perspective on recurring business processes and the utilization of digital solutions.

Keep the Wind in Your Sail Despite Headwinds: Optimizing Transformation Amid Uncertainty

Join industry thought leader, MorganFranklin Consulting, to hear first-hand how the role of the finance function continues to evolve and how technology is helping reshape the landscape.

A Global View of the Future of Finance and BlackLine

KPMG member firms from US, Canada, Germany and France discuss trends and regional challenges facing CFO and controller teams. Understand why companies should begin looking at a CFO ecosystem and how BlackLine serves as an instrumental component for automation and change, including our latest thoughts on GenAI.

Mastering Efficiency: Leveraging BlackLine Journal Entry for Seamless ERP Cloud Migration

Join our webinar to unlock the full potential of BlackLine Journal Entry and discover how it can not only ease but also enhance this transition. Learn the insider tips and strategies that will elevate your migration journey and drive transformative success.

Underlying Ailments: Intercompany Edition

Intercompany issues are complex—and when processes vary from organization to organization, they can be chronic, with no clear path forward for treatment. So with symptoms like losing time to intercompany balancing or undefined policies, you first need to take a step back, do a thorough physical, and diagnose the root cause to fight downstream pain points at the source.

Navigating the Coming Changes in ERPs and the Impact on your BlackLine Platform

Join Stephen Shanahan to hear UHY’s expertise around navigating the coming changes in ERPs. Learn about your overall future considerations, such as the timing of the upgrade or conversion, integrated change management, as well as take a dive deep into the considerations for the BlackLine platform and products.