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Finance Innovation Week On Demand recordings is your chance to gain a deeper understanding of industry trends, best practices, and emerging technologies set to transform finance.

The future of finance is shaped by those who embrace innovation with the mindset of not just surviving 2018, but thriving. Will you be one of them?

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BlackLine - Thriving in the Age of Change

Thriving in the Age of Change

Change is happening everywhere, from how we communicate, travel, and shop to how we get work done. Today we stand at an inflexion point. We are on the precipice of seismic shifts in Finance driven by digital technology that will usher in an era of remarkable change. BlackLine founder and Chief Executive Officer, Therese Tucker, will explore the exciting - if sometimes frightening - changes and ask everyone to consider what their future looks like. How will you move from surviving to thriving as technology and automation are rapidly changing everything around us?


SAP: The Digital Finance Revolution

The Digital Finance Revolution

The digital economy is driving a new era of Finance and Accounting transformation. Finance leaders are facing disruption on all fronts, while continuing to act as business stewards and strategic advisors to the board. These three challenges are at the top of CFO minds; the need to attract and maintain finance and accounting talent, automate standard processes including account balance substation and financial consolidation, and gain real-time insights into the business.


BlackLine: Have you made your list and checked it twice?  The Close is Coming!

Have You Made Your List and Checked It Twice? The Close is Coming!

As organizations prepare for the upcoming close, there is not only pressure to ensure reliable, accurate and complete financials but there are ever increasing demands being placed on Accounting and Finance professionals beyond just providing historical financial statements. Accounting and Finance are having to think strategically about how to accomplish all of these activities without jeopardizing key controls and in some cases learning new skill sets to accommodate these new demands. In this webinar, participants will explore what is causing some of the pressure and risk around the close, the additional expectations and some best practices to try to meet all of the demands.


RSM: The Power of Digital to Transform Finance

The Power of Digital to Transform Finance

The digital evolution is transforming the way finance professionals must approach their job as well as the skills and tools they must use on a daily basis to drive organizational success. This session will cover how financial professionals can leverage the power of digital to transform finance and modernize the office of the CFO.


Clearsulting: Transaction Matching Excellence

Transaction Matching Excellence

Are you in the early stages of evaluating transaction matching? Or are you interested in maximizing the amount of value you’re getting from the existing matching solution? If you want to learn more about transaction matching, this session is for you. The matching experts from Clearsulting are eager to walk you through the matching approach that has clients realizing tangible benefits. Clearsulting will be sharing client case studies, matching leading practices and facilitating a Q&A session to make sure you leave this session with a clear picture of how matching can drive value for your team.


RGP: Implementing the New Lease Accounting Standard

Implementing the New Lease Accounting Standard

The days of off-balance sheet financing, known as Leasing, are coming to an end. The FASB has made sweeping changes to Accounting for Leases and these changes will be here before we know it. Experts in lease accounting, RGP, will be discussing the new guidance. During this informative session you will learn the key changes and when these changes will be effective for your company. Additionally, you will hear what you should be doing now to get ready, and what some of the potential pitfalls are in the readiness efforts.