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Finance Innovation Week On Demand recordings is your chance to gain a deeper understanding of industry trends, best practices, and emerging technologies set to transform finance.

The future of finance is shaped by those who embrace innovation with the mindset of not just surviving 2018 and beyond, but thriving. Will you be one of them?

Featured Sponsors of Innovation Week

BlackLine: The Future is Now

Join BlackLine for a lively discussion and exploration of the impact of new technology on the world around us, from self-driving cars to the new (artificially intelligent) masters of the ancient board game Go. Change is here and accountants must embrace it, not to survive, but to thrive as expert analysts and strategic business partners.

How Leading Finance Organizations Achieve Long-term ROI for RPA

In this session EXL, a global Operations Management and Analytics leader, will illustrate its approach to process transformation that holistically integrates RPA, platforms and other digital technologies to deliver a combined value that is significantly greater than the sum of its parts.

The Power of Digital to Transform Finance

The digital evolution is transforming the way finance professionals must approach their job as well as the skills and tools they must use on a daily basis to drive organizational success. This session will cover how financial professionals can leverage the power of digital to transform finance and modernize the office of the CFO.

Building the Case

The industry experts at Vaco will share how to effectively navigate a changing Finance and Accounting landscape to secure a much needed commitment to embrace transformation. Insights will include how to get (or keep) your momentum going and actionable steps to get you started on your journey.

Digital Transformation: Disruption with a Purpose

Digital Transformation is more than just technology. It is the essential, intentional and deliberate disruption of people, processes and technologies to enable alignment with a company’s strategic vision. This presentation discusses where to begin improving your business processes, why you need to condition your organization for change, and why you should embrace positive disruption and the benefits of disrupting the status quo.

How Top Finance Leaders are Transforming Business Today

Advances in SAP technology, such as data analytics, have enabled finance departments to move away from mundane administrative tasks and play a more strategic role with organizations. So, what makes an effective finance leader in this new paradigm?

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