Finance Innovation Week

Innovators Shaping the Future of Finance


The future of finance will be shaped by those who see the possibility for innovation on every level. Will you be one of them?

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Finance Innovation Week webcasts is your opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of industry trends, best practices, and big ideas from a lineup of thought leaders. The agenda is focused on modernizing the way accounting and finance teams work. Attendees will come away with strategies to navigate today’s rapidly changing landscape. Listen to our on demand webinars featuring key BlackLine partners, including Vaco, UHY, Armanino, and the Connor Group.

4 Keys to IPO Readiness

Connor Group - 4 Keys to IPO Readiness

Learn the four keys to preparing for an IPO and thriving as a newly public company with Jonathan Kearl, Director at the Connor Group. The Connor Group is a premiere technical accounting firm and leading BlackLine implementation partner specializing in high growth companies. During this webinar we will identify the key areas of focus that all companies considering an IPO must be focused on for success.


The Cost of Ignoring the New Revenue Recognition Standards

Armanino - The Cost of Ignoring the New Revenue Recognition Standard

The new revenue recognition standards impact so much more than just the finance and accounting team. In this presentation, Armanino audit and consulting experts will detail the consequences of delaying your preparation and provide industry-specific guidance. Presenters Ricardo Martinez, CPA, John Dunican will outline a straightforward way to ensure your Board, executive and management team members understand the forthcoming impacts to the way you do business.


Meeting the Challenge: BEPS, IRC 956, IRC 385

UHY - Meeting the Challenge:  BEPS, IRC 956, and IRC 385

Today’s multi-national corporations face many challenges due to the changing international tax landscape as well as updates to new and existing U.S. tax laws. Luckily, there are solutions to address many of these challenges including county-by-country (CbC) reporting, which is a major component of the well-publicized base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) initiative; in addition to assisting with issues related to Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 956 – Trade Settlements and potentially IRC Section 385 – Debt-Equity Regulations. Come learn more about these regulations and how technology can help address the challenges they present.


Robotics in Finance & Accounting Separating Fact from Fiction and Surviving the Rise of the Robots

Robotics in Finance & Accounting Separating Fact from Fiction and Surviving the Rise of the Robots

Rarely a week goes by without an article of the pending Robotic Process Automation revolution and the dramatic impacts it will have on technology, process, and, importantly, people. RPA is an exciting topic, one that has garnered a lot of attention and a little bit of hype. Join this webinar to separate RPA fact from fiction so you can build a robotic accounting department while learning 6 skills you’ll need to survive the robot uprising!


Continuous Accounting: Build for Your Future

BlackLine - Continuous Accounting: Build for Your Future

Every organization is constantly expected to run leaner while becoming more effective. This is especially true for Accounting and Finance, which are required to not only deliver periodic financial data and reports, but also real-time analysis and intelligence. Susan Parcells, Senior Director Finance Transformation, BlackLine, will discuss the benefits of continuous accounting and how it can help your organization run more efficiently.


Evolution of the Accountant

Vacco - Evolution of the Accountant

From caveman to bean counter to trusted advisor. Come learn from Susan Parcells, Sr. Director Finance Transformation and Jerrad Hall, Director, Strategic Alliances trends in the accounting profession and how you can capitalize on these changes, setting yourself up for success in these ever-evolving times.


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