18-Week Optimization Academy

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Led by transformational finance and accounting professionals, the Optimization Academy delivers leading-practice automation and optimization strategies around nine foundational accounting processes:

  • Subledgers

  • Suspense/Clearing

  • Amortization

  • Calculations

  • Accruals

  • Intercompany

  • Cash

  • Rollforwards

  • Items

The 18-week Optimization Academy Includes office hours with real-time, hands-on coaching within the BlackLine platform where customers can share and learn from each other and the BlackLine Optimization Academy team.

In addition to gaining knowledge on nine foundational accounting processes, attendees will have access to bonus sessions on change management, financial system strategies, and global rollout strategies.

As a part of the Collaborative Accounting Experience, the Optimization Academy provides impactful, achievable modern accounting by incorporating lessons learned from transformation projects and sharing the art of the possible.

Customer Feedback

“This is an outstanding program. Certainly, the most helpful ... I've seen not only for BlackLine but for my other systems. It pulls everything together and does a great job of highlighting the beauty of BlackLine integration.” - Senior Finance Director

 “Almost everything shared would greatly improve our current processes.” – Accounts Receivable Analyst, Fortune 500 Company

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