The Art of Balancing the Perfect Sandwich

CAO Masterclass

Thursday, November 11, 2021 — 3-5 PM PST

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Every day, CAOs must strike the perfect balance between closing the books, managing internal controls, and guiding business strategy. And when it’s finally time to break for lunch, I bet you want your sandwich bread-to-filling ratio to be balanced, too.

Everyone has a favorite sandwich, often prepared to an exacting degree of specification: turkey or ham? Grilled or toasted? Mayo or mustard? White or whole wheat?

Join me along with a handful of CAOs for this masterclass, as BlackLine Resident Chef, Joel Miller guides you through the process of building the perfect sandwich—no matter how you slice it.

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The Art of Balancing the Perfect Sandwich

Learn Chef Joel Millers tips and tricks for constructing the perfect, balanced sandwich. No matter what your preferred bread and fillings are, master how to get the perfect bite no matter how you slice it.

In this session, we’ll practice stacking, spreading, and balancing techniques to ensure that your sandwich is built for the biggest of appetites.

RSVP to join at 3 PM PST on Thursday, November 11th.