BlackLine launches Cash Application

AI-Powered automation for Accounts Receivable

March 15–18, 2021

Alliance Virtual Conference

Make the Move to Modern Accounting

Thank you for joining us at Alliance 2021 virtual conference!

One of the most anticipated Higher Education events of the year has come to an end!  With countless attendees, enthusiastic audiences, and informative sessions, Alliance 2021 has been a great success for our team.

The Alliance vision is to connect higher education leaders so they can share innovations and find inspiration while learning about creative solutions. BlackLine is here to help your finance and accounting teams apply the latest in finance automation technology and achieve a better, more efficient close from anywhere. 

This past year has challenged institutions in unprecedented ways, forcing many finance and accounting teams to reconsider the way traditional accounting work is performed. Reliance on spreadsheets, tribal knowledge, and in-person communication is no longer sustainable, and accounting teams must quickly adapt to closing the books with a distributed workforce.

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See a demo or engage with Accounting & Finance experts from BlackLine to discover how you can:

  • Implement finance automation to eliminate repetitive, error-prone manual tasks
  • Extend the capabilities of your SIS finance system without relying on IT or overtaxing Excel
  • Create standardized, scalable controls and achieve visibility
  • Save time and refocus limited resources on value-added, strategic activities

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Alliance 2021 Sessions On-Demand:

Cash is King - Making the Move to Accounts Receivable Automation

Get a first-hand look at how BlackLine Cash Application, powered by AI and built by finance professionals, is helping finance and accounting teams make smarter, more accurate finance and credit decisions by transforming the invoice-to-cash cycle.

Rapid Process Improvement Key to Digital Transformation

This session will provide an overview of a leading Rapid Process Improvement Framework that allows an institution to assess end to end processes, understand and prioritize opportunities, and identify fit/gap between process, technology, and data from recruiting to graduation and everything in between within 5 weeks. 

Making the Move to Modern Accounting

By standardizing and automating financial close operations and other key accounting processes, BlackLine’s automation and AI are changing the way Higher Education does accounting.

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