The Modern Accounting Playbook


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The Leading Solution for an Efficient & Controlled Close

Using what we’ve learned from working with thousands of customers, BlackLine has defined an achievable pathway for your finance transformation journey.

Companies come to BlackLine for a leading solution that solves challenges associated with traditional, manual accounting. BlackLine provides informed expertise with a clear vision and path to achieve modern accounting.

Our leading practices position you to see results quickly, starting with a foundation that standardizes reconciliations, structures close tasks and workflows, and provides real-time reporting and dashboards. This allows F&A teams to save time and cost, decrease risk, and elevate the organization.

Even better, companies can continue to advance their modern accounting journeys using a path that BlackLine has already traversed.

What is Modern Accounting?

The path from traditional to modern accounting is different for midsize and enterprise-level companies. That’s why BlackLine has mapped achievable routes for each company type. Our Modern Accounting Playbook delivers purpose-built solutions built on leading practices to unify data and processes, automate repetitive work, and drive accountability through visibility.

Over 4,200 companies have followed our playbook to close faster with complete and accurate results.


Modern Accounting Begins with BlackLine

BlackLine’s foundation for modern accounting creates a streamlined and automated close. We’re dedicated to delivering the most value in the shortest amount of time, equipping you to not only control close chaos, but also foster F&A excellence. The foundation includes the following elements.

Central workspace with automated trial balance import
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Standardized reconciliations with automation
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Dynamic and transparent close activities tracking
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Role-centric reporting and proactive alerts
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Enhanced Controls
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Benefits for Your Time

Accounting Manager & Controller

With dashboards and reports, gain transparency and visibility into financial operations to understand your organization’s potential.


Mitigate risk and manage business complexity by leveraging BlackLine’s leading practices. Gain efficiency and cost savings, all while retaining top talent.


Access neatly packaged close activities from a centralized system that locks down controls and ensures segregation of duties. Benefit from a fully-documented audit trail.


Gain a complete pre-close certification checklist and workflow. Reduce manual inputs and use automation to enable timely financial results.


“We now have a prescribed approach to preparing and documenting reconciliations. Reconciliation frequency, type of supporting documentation, and critical fields are consistent irrespective of location. When I think about BlackLine, seamless, transparent, greater visibility, and increased control are all words that come to mind.”

Eamonn Matthews

Business Process Lead, Accounting & Reporting

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