"My biggest struggle in [Odido] was that actually we didn't have a complete overview of how many accounts we needed to reconcile, and BlackLine gave us that complete picture."

The Challenge

Odido (aka T-Mobile Netherlands), a prominent player in the Dutch telecommunications industry, faced a significant challenge in reconciling their accounts efficiently. Thomas Kick, an accounting specialist at Odido, identified a critical issue—the lack of a comprehensive overview of the accounts that needed reconciliation. The absence of this crucial information hindered their ability to address potential issues and identify opportunities and risks within their balance sheet. With multiple Excel sheets scattered across network drives, there was no centralized platform to consolidate this vital financial data. This lack of control left Odido in the dark about where to focus their efforts for improvement.

Why BlackLine

Recognizing the pressing need for a solution, Odido turned to BlackLine. The software offered a comprehensive solution that provided the organization with a complete picture of their reconciliation processes. BlackLine's platform not only centralized the reconciliation data but also facilitated ownership assignment for different segments of the balance sheet. This crucial step empowered individuals with a sense of responsibility, motivating them to go the extra mile in addressing potential issues and uncovering opportunities and risks. Additionally, the partnership with BlackLine was characterized by a quick response time and robust support, instilling confidence in the Odido team that they could rely on timely assistance in case of any unexpected issues.

The Results
  • Clarity and control over financial processes. Thanks to the comprehensive overview of accounts for reconciliations through BlackLine, Odido has clarity and control over their financial processes.

  • Streamlined reconciliation procedures. Odido replaced their scattered Excel sheets with a centralized platform where everything was organized and accessible.

  • Enhanced accountability. Centralizing the accounting process created accountability and led to a more robust financial control framework.

  • Increased confidence in decision-making. Ownership assignment for different balance sheet segments motivated individuals to address potential issues and uncover opportunities in real-time.


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Business Impact

Clarity over financial processes

Streamlines reconciliation procedures

Improved efficiency

Enhanced accountability

Increased confidence in decision-making.

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