Gaining Future-Proof Finances with Smart Close
Messer ranks among the world’s foremost makers of forklifts, trucks, and warehouse handling equipment, and it builds its reputation on acting responsibly towards its shareholders, business partners, and employees.


To act responsibly in every area of its business throughout its many locations across the globe, Messer needs to have a finance department on which it can depend.


Messer (formerly Linde Material Handling) strives to maintain their leadership status by simplifying and limiting the amount of time the closing process requires through automation. Never afraid of embracing change in the name of advancement, the company turned to Smart Close to provide valuable insights into the close process.

“We’ve seen a drastic increase in the speed of our closing process since implementing Smart Close,” says Karin Gunkel, finance and IT specialist at Messer. “While everything was always completed on time before, the process is significantly less time-consuming, and therefore, less stressful. We can also be certain that all the steps in the closing process are executed completely and in the correct sequence. We always know who’s responsible and when the task is complete.”


Increased visibility. To have the reliable financials that enable Messer to act responsibly, the company heavily emphasizes proactively monitoring closing activities. Smart Close gives Messer that ability. For example, with Smart Close, the company can see if anything looks incorrect at any point in the process and, if so, directly see who is responsible.

“We can monitor each area by its light, which will be red, yellow, or green, and we notice any changes immediately. We’re very in tune with what’s happening in each area and at each stage of the close process. Sometimes we even notice potential discrepancies before local entities do. With Smart Close, we’re better connected, and the processes and data are clearer than ever before.”

Competitive advantage. Messer knows it needs to be consistently moving forward to remain an international leader. Limiting process time is essential to free more time for analyzing the financial information revealed by Smart Close. This analysis brings Messer to the next level and keeps them ahead of the pack.

“Smart Close provides us with a wealth of information—especially in regard to benchmarks. It reveals everything from which entities are fastest to which areas do certain processes better, allowing us to improve our processes.”

Accelerating the close. Messer strives to continue to be the best, which is why the company has big plans for Smart Close and its ability to scale to Linde’s needs. Top management is very interested in the overviews and insights Smart Close offers because management can monitor milestones.

“Our entire close process will soon be completed with Smart Close because we want to continue consolidating and speeding up our close process as Messer continues to expand.”









  • Established fully reliable, future-proof finances

  • Optimized efficiency

  • Gained valuable insights into company process efficiencies and analytics

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