Achieving Financial Efficiency & Seamless Integration at Lennox

The Challenge

Lennox International, a leading manufacturer of HVAC equipment, faced a critical challenge in its financial systems. The existing solution for account reconciliations had limitations, and with their contract approaching expiration, the company needed a more robust and functional alternative.

The primary objective was to find a comprehensive solution that not only addressed the shortcomings of the current system but also offered advanced features to enhance efficiency. Additionally, Lennox sought a solution that seamlessly integrated with their ERP system, SAP.

Why BlackLine

Jeff Hoard, Senior Manager of Financial Systems at Lennox International, led the charge in finding a suitable solution. The decision to implement BlackLine was influenced by the seamless integration between BlackLine and SAP, which provided confidence that the solutions would work cohesively, minimizing potential disruptions during the transition.

The turnkey approach offered by BlackLine and Lennox’s implementation partner played a crucial role in getting them up and running quickly. The team at Lennox appreciated the convenience of having a partner that handled all aspects of the transition. Says Hoard, “They had a turnkey approach where they came in and they did everything for us. They brought in the connector, they set it up for us. In SAP, they trained our teams. It was a smooth transition from the systems and user perspective.”

The exceptional customer support provided by BlackLine further contributed to the success of Lennox’s implementation. The free training available on BlackLine U and responsive support teams meant that Lennox had a reliable partner to address any queries or challenges that arose during and after the transition.

“BlackLine’s customer support is just exceptional. The training is all free on BlackLine U, and they're there to help you. Any questions you have, just reach out to BlackLine, and they're there to help you resolve whatever issue you may have,” says Hoard.

The Results

More Time for Value-Added Work. The advanced features of BlackLine, previously unavailable in Lennox’s old system, empowered financial teams to streamline their workflows. Accountants were relieved of mundane tasks, allowing them to focus on activities that added tangible value to the company.

“My vision of finance transformation is making things easier on accountants. Take away the busy work they have to do so they can do what brings value to the company,” says Hoard.

Seamless Transition Between Modules. One standout advantage was the user experience across all BlackLine products. This commonality simplified the learning curve for Lennox's financial teams. The ability to seamlessly transition between modules meant that the teams could adapt quickly and efficiently to new functionalities.

“I like the fact that there's similarity in all the products. If you're a reconciliation company and you want to go to one of the other modules, there's going to be a lot of similarity in the way things work. That makes things easier for us,” says Hoard.


Lennox International, a leading manufacturer of HVAC equipment






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