Globe Telecom Reduces Time-to-Audit Findings by 60% with BlackLine

Why BlackLine

Globe invited several vendors to participate in an RFP and system walkthrough process. BlackLine was the only vendor who provided a demo. “During the demo, the team realized how BlackLine aligned to Globe,” says Suzy Urbano, head of enterprise support, Globe. “It’s cloud-based, fast, and flexible. BlackLine can also adapt any changes in data sources from continuous internal or external systems enhancements or optimization.”

 The team was especially interested in BlackLine Transaction Matching. “Transaction Matching would greatly reduce the time we spent on daily audit and reconciliation of collections, deposits, and settlement from our various collection channels and partners,” says Urbano. “We could define multiple match sets and pass rules, set up thresholds for variance, and convert and merge different file formats.”

 BlackLine worked closely with Globe during implementation to address all audit and reconciliation challenges. “The implementation team from BlackLine was very knowledgeable and supportive,” says Menchit Briones, vice president for financial control division at Globe. “They provided useful recommendations and suggestions on how we could improve our reconciliation logic and approach.”







Increased transaction matching accuracy and speed, reduced time to audit findings reporting by 60%, increased confidence in accounting operations, improved efficiency.