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BlackLine is the ERP-Agnostic Enhanced Finance and Controls Automation Platform

Why BlackLine

To address the need for better controls and a faster, more accurate month-end close, Dun & Bradstreet’s controller organization designed a new strategy for the creation of a Center of Excellence (CoE). “With CoE, our mission was to ensure that no matter where you were within the organization, the financial close would be standardized and done in a timely manner,” said Gretchen Sikora, senior finance leader, Dun & Bradstreet.

Yet when Sikora and her team started to transition the balance sheet reconciliation process into the CoE model, the company’s existing networks and data storage hampered them. “We were unable to successfully create a best-in-class reconciliations process on our existing share drives,” said Sikora. “We recognized early on we needed to find a partner who could help us centralize, track, and monitor key functions.”

The organization reviewed numerous solutions designed to automate reconciliations and provide team members instant access to real-time data—from anywhere in the world. “In our review, we found that each vendor provided the same type of solutions, but BlackLine was the one that stood out in terms of sales support and the ease of use,” said Sikora.

To make their final decision, Sikora and her team graded each vendor’s solution on key functionalities and also ran a return-on-investment (ROI) analysis comparing BlackLine to other products and solutions in the same space. “The team rated BlackLine the highest in ease, format, and end results. To me, BlackLine was everything in one bag, and I now had a tool to meet our five key strategies.”

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Business Impact

Eliminated non-value work; quickly centralized key finance and accounting functions; increased transparency, visibility, and accuracy during the entire close process.

Centralizing Key Finance and Accounting Functions Globally