Integrating BlackLine with QuickBooks and Enabling Real-Time Analysis

Why BlackLine

 The team began the search for a new solution, one that would both support Aemetis’ internal control program and enable a paperless close. Other selection criteria included price, implementation costs, and analytic capabilities. “We knew we needed a tool that would be easy for our team to use and incorporate into their day-to-day work,” said Nilam Panchal, North America Controller at Aemetis. “We also insisted on partnering with a vendor who would provide excellent customer service and be willing to negotiate.”

 Most importantly, any new solution had to work seamlessly with QuickBooks, instead of a large enterprise ERP. “We’re not a small company—we generate 150 million in revenue each year worldwide—but we run a small finance team, and rely on QuickBooks Enterprise for our accounting system.”  

In the beginning, BlackLine almost wasn’t included in the team’s potential vendor list. Yet a more in-depth look, as well as attendance by the team at a BlackLine user conference, quickly changed minds. “We thought BlackLine might not be able to solve our central issues,” said Todd Waltz, CFO, at Aemetis. “As we learned more about it and saw its capabilities, we gravitated toward BlackLine. I’m so happy we did.”

 Aemetis implemented BlackLine’s Account Reconciliations, Task Management, and Journal Entry. “As we were validating potential solutions, BlackLine kept coming out on top. The vendors we first considered came out on the bottom,” said Panchal. “And BlackLine really worked with us regarding a cost strategy. We were able to implement BlackLine within our budget constraints.”




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Saved 3 to 4 days every month, streamlined third-party auditing, increased task accountability of global employees, integrated BlackLine with QuickBooks, enabled real-time analysis