Credit & Risk Management

Raise the bar in understanding customer data and performance behaviors to minimize the risk of bad debt and the impact of late payments.

Managing the balance between sales and the risk of non-payment is critical to profitability. Credit & Risk Management works in tandem with BlackLine’s Collections Management solution to help organizations better understand their customer base and make informed decisions around collection strategies, recovery sequences, and the prioritization of team tasks.


"BlackLine's software has revolutionized our cash allocation process. We have reduced the average time to allocate a payment by over 50% and automated the remittance process. Our collectors used to spend an average of 15% to 20% of their time chasing and administering allocation details. This has been reduced to less than 5%, allowing our collectors to spend their time on their core role."

Head of Credit, Fortune Global 500 Human Resources Company

Unify Customer Data to Minimize Risk & Optimize Credit Decisions

Credit & Risk Management brings customer and payment behavior data together to ensure optimal risk strategies and real-time risk profiling.

Unified Credit, Risk & Collections

Bring together data from numerous sources such as credit reference agencies, credit insurers, and payment performance to understand your customers’ indebtedness, behaviors, and external data.

Remove silos between risk and collections teams and empower everyone to work together on one system with a unified view of the day.

Real-Time Risk Data & Analysis

Embedded risk policies monitor changes in attributes and automate credit limit reviews in real time, removing time-consuming report creation. Segment and review customers based on numerous customer attributes such as risk score, risk rating, credit insurance rating, payment performance, and many more. Monitor changes in real time to identify and analyze customer risk signals.

Data-Driven Credit Decisions

Dynamic customer segmentation supports proactive risk management and helps your team monitor changes in customer attributes in real time. Continuously assess and proactively address blocked orders and credit limit reviews to provide intelligence on positive and negative customer trends.


“BlackLine streamlines our collections and other key accounts receivable processes. We’re collecting more money, faster and more efficiently. I have complete transparency where I can see live data, in real time, across the globe for all of our AR ledgers.”

Jason Braidwood, Global Head of Credit & Collections

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