BlackLine Cash Application

Speed up your accounts receivable cash application using artificial intelligence to automatically match customer payments to invoices and reduce unapplied cash by up to 99%.

Accelerate Cash Application

BlackLine Cash Application transforms the order-to-cash cycle by significantly reducing the time it takes to apply cash to open invoices.

When customer payments and electronic remittances are received, BlackLine Cash Application uses AI to accurately apply payments to customer invoices in your ERP. Over time, machine learning enables continuous optimization by predicting future matches to further reduce the need for manual effort and reliance on remittances.

Use Intelligent Automation to eliminate manual accounts receivable processes and drive the most efficient end-to-end process from your customer invoice to cash in the bank—fully applied and closed.

“With Cash Application, all parts of the process—application rates, turnaround time, unapplied cash, and team performance—are monitored and measurable. When we see an area for improvement, we can identify exactly what needs to be done and predict how the customer will benefit.”

BlackLine Automated Cash Application

Key Benefits

Reduce unapplied
cash by 99%

Reduce manual
activity by 85%

Eliminate lockboxes

Reduce DSO
by 5-10 days

Key Features

200 pre-built
auto-match rules

Works with any bank

global solution

Works with
any ERP system

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Problems We Solve

Forget the guesswork and ditch the spreadsheets so your teams can make smarter, more accurate finance and credit decisions. Explore the challenges BlackLine Cash Application solves.

Reduce Unapplied Cash Payments

Inaccurate, slow payment application hurts your customer relationships—and it can lead to lost revenue. As an enterprise grows, it can become more difficult to apply customer payments to invoice line items. This leads to a high unapplied cash payments balance that creates complications across the business and impacts cash flow efficiency.

With BlackLine Cash Application, payments are quickly analyzed and automatically matched to invoices with accuracy. Meanwhile, machine learning uses new data to identify trends so you can focus on building strong customer relationships.

Improve Invoice to Cash

Once a customer is invoiced it can be difficult to predict when payment will be received. This makes it difficult to accelerate the cash collection process and can lead to high DSO, volumes of unapplied cash, and excessive AR hours and resources, not to mention unpredictable cash flow and strained customer relationships.

With BlackLine Cash Application, customer payments are automatically matched to invoices the moment cash is received, and Intelligent Automation further reduces the need for manual effort over time. As a result, organizations can apply cash much faster than traditional lockboxes and manual cash application processes and free up more working capital.

Improve Cash Flow

Outdated manual cash flow processes negatively impact the financial health of the organization—from high Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) to slow collections and increased borrowing.

Accelerate cash flow by using artificial intelligence to predict your customers’ payment behavior and further reduce the need for manual effort over time. With organizations applying 95% of cash before the start of the day and reducing unapplied cash by up to 99%, BlackLine Cash Application is proven to help ensure the financial health of your organization.

Reduce DSO

Traditional manual accounts receivable processes can lead to increased days sales outstanding (DSO), lost revenue, and profit. BlackLine Cash Application overlays manual AR processes with automation and machine learning, leveraging your existing data and ERP to streamline the payment application and cash process through global AR automation. As a result, organizations are achieving up to a 5- to 10-day reduction in DSO and are able to use the time saved from automated accounts receivable to improve collection efforts, extend additional customer credit, and focus on growth.

Automate Financial Shared Services

Many financial shared services organizations struggle with manual processes and disparate systems which can contribute to delayed response times, increased risk from inaccurate data, and a decline in confidence across the organization.

With BlackLine Cash Application, shared services teams can remove third-party lockbox services and automate cash receipts and cash application to customer invoices to focus on serving internal clients and becoming a driving force for growth.

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