How to Become A Trusted Financial Advisor with the RAD


The world seems to spin faster and faster these days. Yes, Planet Earth is still making the same number of rotations. But more needs to be processed, analyzed, and reported in a single day than ever before.

And for accountants, the challenge isn’t just getting everything done. It’s getting it all done right, accurately, and at the speed of light.

Yet the current way of managing the books—thousands of spreadsheets, laborious manual processes—can make the simplest Excel formula act like a black hole. Data goes in… and even the most minor mistake can lead to unexpected results.

Even if everything runs perfectly—no hidden cells, no transposed numbers—every financial close still feels like The Big Bang. Chaos followed by frenzy followed by ever-expanding growth. More spreadsheets. More to do. Into infinity.

If only accountants could slow the earth’s rotation, bending space and time to have more hours in the workday. Then you could finally finish all of that data entry with enough time to get a head start on pulling the story from the numbers.

If only… astrophysics aligned with accounting.

Alas, Neil deGrasse Tyson has no good news for finance professionals (or alien hunters, for that matter), but there is hope.

While the physical laws of the universe haven’t changed, the world of accounting has.

Accounting is in the middle of its own quantum-level transformation thanks to the Robotic Accounting Department (RAD). And while the RAD won’t let you bend time or space, it will save you hours, even days, during the close.

The RAD enables 21st-century accountants to:

  • Meet close deadlines without sweating or swearing

  • Say goodbye to end-of-month madness by matching transactions in mere minutes, in real time

  • Check compliance, detect scams and schemers, and pinpoint unusual balance fluctuations all at once, all the time

  • Crank out comprehensive reports highlighting trends and patterns seamlessly

  • Simplify, streamline, and speed up the audit process

  • Get the big picture of how your company functions financially

With the help of the RAD, you’ll have more time and more brainpower to do what you’re really great at doing: analyzing and creating long-term strategies for lasting growth.

Ready to transform your role from tired spreadsheet troubleshooter to trusted financial advisor? Download the Robotic Accounting Department to learn more.