New Community & Training Offerings From BlackLine


Looking for best-practices guidelines for using reconciliations or task management? Want to see the latest documentation for the Intercompany Hub? Want more communication with other customers or BlackLine experts?

Or perhaps you have an idea for improving BlackLine, and you’d like to be able to access company engineers and product managers.

This and much more is now available through the new BlackLine Community portal. The portal serves as a single point of contact for peer-to-peer discussions, idea-sharing, up-to-the-minute product documentation, and support services.

A Common Ground

“BlackLine now gives customers a common ground for communicating with one another and with BlackLine experts,” says Bobby Khaleghian, senior client marketing manager. “We’re even adding functionality to bring in our user groups from around the world so they’ll have a central place to share ideas through quarterly meetings and ad hoc discussions.”

The community site will be regularly updated with new events, discussion topics, and product and support information. It will include sections for:

  • Discussion forums—A place for customers to share best practices, ask questions, and interact with other BlackLine experts and users;

  • Idea sharing—Interact with one another and with BlackLine product managers to offer and discuss ideas for new products and enhancements;

  • Product documentation—View detailed information on everything from current products and functions, bulk-assignment capabilities and certification reason codes to mass update settings and temporary assignments;

  • Support contacts—Customers can view and interact with their support team from a central site.

Richer Training Options From BlackLine U

Customers now have access to more robust features and training offerings through BlackLine U. Offerings include:

  • Virtual, instructor-led courses with CPE credits;

  • Individual learning dashboards to manage learning activities;

  • Learning paths, which prescribe targeted training for standard BlackLine roles, including administrators and accountants;

  • New feature training led by product managers and aligned with BlackLine’s product release cycle;

  • Live webinars, where BlackLine experts share tips, tricks, and best practices with customers.

BlackLine U also features downloadable quick reference guides and a topic-driven elearning library for self-paced study. The new portal provides a progress-tracking dashboard for team managers to chart their users’ progress and run progress reports.

“We want this training to be as encompassing and accessible as possible,” says Lynn Marie Viduya, senior director for global education services. “We view training as a journey, not an endpoint. The better trained our customers are, the more use they’ll get from our products, and the better their investment will be.”

“Our customers represent one of the largest, best-equipped groups of accounting and finance professionals that exist today,” says Khaleghian. “BlackLine Community and BlackLine U give us the opportunity to put these people together in a lively environment where they can share and benefit from one another’s experience and knowledge. That way, they can produce the best possible financial results for their own businesses.”