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October 09, 2023

How Midsize Companies Can Implement Accounting Automation Quickly & Effectively

Modern Accounting
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Jim Buchanan

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What Does Accounting Automation for Midsize Companies Mean?

Midize organizations face unique constraints and challenges. As responsibilities expand and goals change for finance and accounting teams, you need technology you can count on.

For many growing companies, the time has come to swap out your spreadsheet-dependent, manual processes and replace them with leading automation practices. Accounting automation software can help you get started on your modern accounting journey quickly, and set your team up for long-term success with access to standardized templates, dashboards, structured tasks and workflows.

Even better, the right accounting automation solution will scale with your organization’s needs, so you can continue to advance your modern accounting journey as you evolve.

Why Modernizing Accounting Processes Is Critical

Midsize organizations often don’t have the time or resources to implement accounting automation solutions, since their F&A staff are often busy focusing on mountains of other work. In addition, organizations may worry that IT departments will need to be heavily involved to bring new solutions on board. Yet modernizing accounting processes is critical to the success of accounting teams at midsize—or any—companies that want to bring agility to their business operations. 

At BlackLine, we know leaders want to modernize accounting processes and transition their F&A staff from caretakers to value creators. To do this, you must find a way to stop time-consuming manual work and allow your professionals to spend more valuable time on strategic activities like analyzing exceptions, reviewing open items, and predicting trends, and BlackLine absolutely will help you do that. But the question often remains … just how much work will it really be to implement a solution like BlackLine?

How Quickly Can You Implement BlackLine?

Thanks to BlackLine’s new 5-Day Fast Track, midsize companies can now get a suite of Financial Close Management modules up and running in as few as five days. Talk about quick time-to-value!

The 5-Day Fast Track is an implementation option for midsize customers included with BlackLine’s Modern Accounting Playbook (MAP) for the Financial Close.

With this option, your organization can count on:

  • A dedicated on-site implementation with BlackLine expert team

  • Complete configuration of Sandbox and Production instances

  • Implementation of one ERP connector, if applicable

  • User acceptance testing

  • Live end-user and administrative training and onboarding

  • Dedicated support throughout your first two close cycles

5-Day Fast Track: One Customer’s Take

Leading healthcare and services provider Matrix Medical network supercharged its close with the 5-Day Fast track.

“We didn’t think a five-day implementation was possible, said Paul McDowell, Chief Accounting Officer and Treasurer. “But BlackLine’s ability to quickly navigate and process our data structure and then set up and train our team in less than a week—and just a week before our close—drove confidence that we made the right decision.”

MAP for the Financial Close: What You Get

With your five-day implementation of MAP for the Financial Close now up and running, you can expect massive improvements in process performance from these core modules:

  • Account Reconciliations: the heart of the financial close process, BlackLine’s Account Reconciliation solution gives you an intuitive interface with standardized templates; workflows for preparation, approval, and review; linkage to policies and procedures; and integrated storage of supporting documentation.

  • Transaction Matching: This solution automates high-volume matching and can save substantial time over the manual. Automated matching can handle millions of transactions, including complex one-to-many and many-to-many types, leaving only the exceptions for examination.

  • Task Management: an industry-leading, configurable, cloud-based command center you can use to accelerate workflows and reduce bottlenecks by monitoring and managing critical accounting activities across your organization.

Get Started with BlackLine Now

BlackLine’s 5-Day Fast Track gives you an exciting opportunity to put the power of accounting automation from BlackLine to use—and to see results—before your next close!

As Mark Donadio, chief accounting officer for Pavilion Payments, the gaming industry’s leading payment solutions provider, said: “The benefit of walking in and out in five days, having a team that is trained and invested, plus having dedicated support through the first two closes is indispensable. Why wouldn’t you do it?”

Ready to put modern accounting on the fast track? Learn more about whether the 5-Day Fast Track is right for you, and discover how BlackLine can help you build a foundation for fast, accurate, and efficient accounting operations in as few as five days with world-class accounting automation solutions.

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