A Message from CEO Therese Tucker on BlackLine IPO


Today we achieved an exciting milestone for the entire BlackLine community. Our company stock, BL, is trading publicly on the NASDAQ Global Select Market.

This is a testament to our success in understanding and delivering accounting and finance solutions that meet the growing and future needs of our customers. From the start, we built this company by instilling a customer-focused culture rooted in passion, persistence, and really great people.

Fifteen years ago when BlackLine began, no one else was doing what we did. We started by listening to the needs of our customers, a guiding principle to this day and one that will never change. Focusing on our clients and building proven software to solve their problems led to creating a whole new market that transforms the lives of accountants and finance professionals, and we are now a global leader in the category we pioneered.

This proves what is possible in the cloud. Our powerful, cutting-edge cloud platform provides a consistent user experience and delivers a unique level of customer commitment that is faster and flexible to what our clients need at any given time. By embracing the innovation, automation, and standardization the cloud has to offer, the sky truly has become the limit.

Thank you to all of our customers, partners, and colleagues for being an integral part of this journey. Reaching this milestone has truly been a collective effort, and this day belongs to all of us.

If applied well, technology can change lives. As a public company, we believe BlackLine is even more effectively positioned to modernize accounting and finance. I look forward to seeing you at this year’s InTheBlack Conference on November 13-16 in Los Angeles.