How to Take the Monotony Out of Matching


Does your organization’s monthly close seem never-ending, filled with chaos, late nights, and too much drama?

Does matching your high-volume accounts make you feel bogged down when you could be doing more?

If so, you’re not alone.

Nobody really likes manually matching thousands of transactions every month, slogging through hundreds of Excel files and hoping mistakes are minimal. Yet we continue to do it the same way every month, every quarter, ad nauseam.

“It’s the month-end close,” we say. “This is just how it is, and the way it’s always been done.”

But accountants are meant to be more than spreadsheet wranglers. Yes, we’re numbers people. But since when did the presence of numbers negate imagination? After all, the biggest developments in the modern world have always come about as the result of both math and creativity, integers and inspiration.

So, let’s imagine a better way to manage the close, starting with matching your high-volume accounts:

  • What if, instead of taking days—even weeks—to match transactions, they matched themselves, automatically, in mere minutes?

  • What if discrepancies, errors, one-offs, and oddities were automatically found and brought to light?

  • What if, instead of receiving key data weeks later, all transaction matching insight was available in the “right now,” in real time?

  • And what if, instead of spending all those hours manually entering data, double-checking that data, emailing, saving, and filing those spreadsheets, you finally had time to do the work you really love to do—like delivering business-changing, innovation-enabling strategy, insight, and analysis?

These what ifs are now _what IS—_with BlackLine. Vanguard accounting and finance organizations are already using BlackLine’s Transaction Matching to take the chaos out of the close and the monotony out of matching—quickly and competently, without chaos or confusion.

Download this ebook to discover how automating your manual matching process saves time–and restores your sanity.