Life at BlackLine with Rhen Bass


Rhen Bass is enjoying BlackLine’s work hard, play hard culture. He says, “I’m constantly surrounded by intelligent and creative people, and it’s inspiring. Everyone is also kind and generous, helping each other with any project, which helps communication flow.”

Rhen joined BlackLine almost two and a half years ago as a Business Development Representative (BDR). He recently transitioned into a new role on the SAP Strategic Alliance team, as a manager supporting North America. His team’s goal is to create pipeline and drive all SAP opportunities.

We sat down with Rhen to talk about his experience at BlackLine so far.

BlackLine Magazine: What is your favorite BlackLine memory?

Rhen: Earlier this summer, the Strategic Alliances team had an offsite in San Francisco, and this just happened to be during the first week of my new role. Our team is spread out globally, and it was really nice to meet them all in one place.

After multiple days of strategic planning and meetings, the directors surprised us with an excursion. We rented e-bikes in the San Francisco Marina, rode them across the Golden Gate Bridge, and then down to the Sausalito Boat Yard for lunch.

After lunch, we took a ferry back to San Francisco, where we had rented out multiple tables at a Ping Pong Bar. The best part about it all was that the weather was beautiful, which is not exactly common for San Francisco. Not a bad way to start a new role!

BlackLine Magazine: How would you describe BlackLine to a friend?

Rhen: To friends who are familiar with Accounting: BlackLine is a cloud-based accounting platform that helps streamline the financial close process. Ultimately increasing efficiency, visibility, and controls while reducing risk.

To friends who are not familiar with Accounting: BlackLine develops software that automatically balances the checkbook of a company.

As you can see, two very different answers…

BlackLine Magazine: What is a favorite project that you’ve worked on at BlackLine?

Rhen: SAP’s Sapphire Now Conference. I’ve been a part of it for the past 2 years. This is SAP’s biggest event of the year and BlackLine has a huge presence! We’re able to connect face to face with a wide range of customers, prospects, and partners.

During the conference, we educate those who aren’t familiar with BlackLine and also hear from our end-users who love our software and its functionality. Every year, we generate more pipeline and growth with SAP.

A lot of work goes into this event, so it’s always great to see the BlackLine team execute so well with such positive results. The icing on the cake is always the end of the conference concert. This year was Lady Gaga, and the prior year Justin Timberlake performed.

BlackLine Magazine: What do you like most about BlackLine’s culture?

Rhen: The atmosphere that BlackLine has created at the office is always fun and exciting. We’re always well-fed and entertained—they know how to keep their employees happy. The environment here makes BlackLine a place where people enjoy going to work.

BlackLine Magazine: What excites you most about BlackLine’s future?

Rhen: SolEx! In the past year, BlackLine embarked on a journey to grow our relationship with SAP as a Solution Extension. People at both BlackLine and SAP are excited about this, and I’m glad I have such a hands-on role in the process.

BlackLine Magazine: What sets BlackLine apart?

Rhen: BlackLine is very different than a lot of other corporate companies. BlackLine is a family. The company cares for its employees, customers, and surrounding communities.

People genuinely care about each other here, and that care is reflected through the happiness and hard work shown by its employees. I consider myself extremely blessed to work for such an awesome company.

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