Life at BlackLine with Otissa Johnson


Otissa Johnson joined BlackLine over six years ago to be a part of a growing tech company. She had experience with working for similar companies post-IPO, and knew she enjoyed the fast-paced learning environment.

After coming on board, she discovered that BlackLine is a place where you will work hard, develop, and play hard. Otissa says, “There is a ‘BlackLine way’ and I think you will find it refreshing.”

BlackLine Magazine: Tell us what you do and have done at BlackLine.

My formal experience had been in Project Management, and I started at BlackLine as an RFP Analyst. My current role is Sales Associate Director on the Sales Enablement team.

BlackLine Magazine: What is your favorite BlackLine memory?

I have many! My first Halloween was extra special, as we pulled the team together to deliver an amazing Thriller dance. I also enjoyed the 100 Million event at the Getty.  It was an exciting time celebrating a special milestone with everyone.

BlackLine Magazine: What is a favorite project that you’ve worked on at BlackLine?

My favorite project is Sales Kick-Off! Bringing together the global team, sharing plans, training, and celebrating together is a highlight. It takes a lot of planning and I get to partner with many fellow BlackLiners to make the event a success.

BlackLine Magazine: What do you like most about BlackLine’s culture?

Our ability to drive toward a shared goal. I have seen us grow in our focus and determination to succeed while using the pillars of Think, Create, and Serve to help our Finance and Accounting teams around the world.

BlackLine Magazine: What excites you most about BlackLine’s future?

The sky is the limit for our achievement. We are headed in a direction that will allow us to be the go-to solution for accounting and finance teams.  We continue to evolve and it’s exciting to be part of it!

BlackLine Magazine: What sets BlackLine apart?

I believe we really celebrate our customers. Through our innovation efforts, customer community, and global ITB events, we make our customers feel valued, listened to, and supported throughout their journey to automation and efficiency. The support technically changes how they work and contribute to the businesses they support.

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