Life at BlackLine with Lorelie Alumbaugh


Everyone at BlackLine has a unique story to tell. Headquarters is based near Los Angeles, so many BlackLiners have moved to the LA area from all over the United States and Canada.

Lorelie is one of them, and we sat down with her to talk about her BlackLine journey.

BlackLine Magazine: Tell us a little about yourself.

I went to school in Podunk, USA. Also known as a little town called Neoga, Illinois. There were 1,200 people in the town and my graduating class was all of 75 individuals.

I moved from Southern Illinois to Southern California when I was 17 years old, only one month after I graduated from high school. No job and $400 in my pocket. I’ve now lived in SoCal longer than I lived in Illinois.

BlackLine Magazine: What’s your favorite thing to do in SoCal?

Hang out with friends.  I love sharing time with them, going out to dinner, going camping, or celebrating a birthday. My friends mean the world to me.

BlackLine Magazine: What do you love most about BlackLine and your role here?

I love the people and the many friendships I’ve made so far.

I’ve been working in the payroll department for a very long time, and I think what I love most about my role is the self-satisfaction of completing the payroll on a timely basis, knowing that the employees are getting paid.

BlackLine Magazine: Tell us your BlackLine story. Why did you join the company?

Well, really, it’s Ruth Richmond’s fault! She and I worked together at two other companies, and she kept mentioning how awesome it is to work at BlackLine. So, when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped at the chance to work here.

BlackLine Magazine: How would you describe BlackLine’s culture?

BlackLine culture enhances the employees, providing a great workspace and casual environment—which makes a difference for me. I also love the ability to work from home.

BlackLine Magazine: What do you think sets BlackLine apart from other companies?

It’s how they treat their employees. You can work for the greatest company on earth, but if the employees are not happy coming to work, they won’t stay.

BlackLine Magazine: What is your team culture like?

The accounting team is a great team. We all seem to really like each other, and we get along well.

I’ve been at Blackline for almost three years, and when I first started, the team seemed to be in separate silos. Now, we all work well together with a common goal.

BlackLine Magazine: Tell us about your last team event.

Our last team event, before the shelter in place order, was at Disneyland.  It has been my favorite team event so far.

We all met for lunch and had the rest of the day to roam. We were in groups of 4-7 people during the day. I personally got to know several people so much better because of it.

BlackLine Magazine: What excites you most about your future at BlackLine and your career?

I am hopeful that with the growth of the company, our department continues to grow and I can move up to a Director position.

BlackLine Magazine: What are your thoughts about learning opportunities at BlackLine?

I love that Blackline affords me the opportunity to keep up my certification.

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