Life at BlackLine with Harini Sundararajan


Harini Sundararajan has been with BlackLine for four and a half years and is a tech lead for BlackLine’s Journals and Intercompany Hub features.

In high school, computer science courses sparked her interest in programming and problem-solving. This led to a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Computer Science, and ultimately, to BlackLine.

BlackLine Magazine sat down with Harini to talk about her experience at BlackLine.

BlackLine Magazine: What are some things that attracted you to BlackLine?

Harini: The first thing that attracted me was BlackLine being the leader in their space. We really are front of the game.

Next was the work culture. I could tell, even in the initial interview, that BlackLine appreciated their employees. And the culture has stayed the same since day one. People are always willing to help. You can stop by anyone’s desk any time and they will help you. There is a lot of collaboration here.

BlackLine Magazine: What is your team like?

Harini: I have a wonderful team. They are all self-starters and forward thinkers. They work hard to deliver projects on time with great quality. We are open and share our thoughts and opinions.

We have good conversations and brainstorm before we start any project. Everyone is willing to help. Everyone chimes in when someone needs help.

BlackLine Magazine: What has been your favorite project to work on?

Harini: Every project has been my favorite, but if I had to pick one, it would be ICH Masters. This allows us to automate and reconcile intercompany transactions.

There were two teams who were working on the project. I oversaw coordinating and managing tasks to make sure the project finished on time. I also got to learn Angular during this project.

BlackLine Magazine: What is an obstacle that you overcame?

Harini: I don’t think I have really run into any obstacles here. We have a great team. We collaborate and make sure we can solve any challenges day to day and successfully complete our projects.

BlackLine Magazine: How is the work life balance at BlackLine?

Harini: As a tech employee, specifically, my work life balance is perfect. We are very respected here.

BlackLine Magazine: Would you recommend BlackLine to a friend?

Harini: We are encouraged to be creative, to share our thoughts, explore new methodologies, and to keep up with market standards. Currently, we are updating our code base. The projects we are working on provide enough opportunities to bring in current technologies.

BlackLine Magazine: What sets BlackLine apart?

Harini: We are experimenting with new technologies and moving toward microservices with .Net code. We keep up with the latest technologies. Another thing that sets us apart is our team sizes, scrum process, planning, and how we collaborate with other teams.

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