Life at BlackLine with Cheri Hewlett


Ask any BlackLiner what they love most about working at BlackLine, and they’ll likely start talking about the culture.

BlackLine’s culture is kind, open, and accepting. It’s a place where people can embrace what makes them unique, and the mix of cultural backgrounds and varying interests cultivates diverse thought and perspectives.

Senior Customer Success Manager Cheri Hewlett says this: “Our culture truly separates us from the rest. We wear black and yellow Jordan’s and Vans to our business events, and sometimes you’ll even catch us with pink wigs.

“We not only promote a diverse work environment—we thrive on it. Our culture is what makes this beyond just work.”

BlackLine Magazine sat down with Cheri to talk about her BlackLine journey so far, and what sets BlackLine apart.

BlackLine Magazine: Tell us a little about yourself.

Outside of work, I enjoy traveling to new destinations, trying new foods, and creating new experiences.

Fun fact: I am a straight YouTuber! If something breaks around the house or if I come across something I don’t know, like how to drive stick shift—YouTube it is.

BlackLine Magazine: What do you love most about BlackLine?

BlackLine stood up to the industry and established an entirely new corporate culture.

Our culture is everything, and I have a strong appreciation for it. It rises all the way through to the CEO, who has proven that kindness and business truly do mix.

BlackLine Magazine: What do you love most about your role?

Customer Success is BlackLine’s way of ensuring our customers see value in our product and achieve their desired outcome. I love being a part of that.

Directly interacting with our customers around the world, hearing their stories, and truly getting to know them is a very special position to be in.

BlackLine Magazine: Why did you join BlackLine?

Initially, I wanted to escape the accounting world entirely. I was looking for something that would challenge me in a different way.

Prior to joining the BlackLine team, I worked in Accounting and Audit for several years. My work was repetitive, my hours were long, and there was no time in the day for my voice to be heard in a more value-added way.

My prior employer used BlackLine for their reconciliations, so I was familiar with the product. After researching BlackLine’s full suite of services, I realized that several of the reasons why I was choosing to leave Accounting in the first place could be dramatically improved by using BlackLine in a more optimized way.

The idea of using my experience in Accounting and Finance outside of the month-end close sounded amazing. However, it was the people who sold me.

From my recruiter to the managers I met with, everyone showed pride and excitement about their BlackLine role, so I knew it had to be a great place to work.

Over 2 years later, my excitement hasn’t died down one bit. I am continuously challenged but well assisted and supported by my BlackLine family. I am happy that I made this decision and still love what I do.

BlackLine Magazine: What is your favorite thing about the office?

The milk and cereal that are always in stock, the coffee machines, the snacks… THE SNACKS!

BlackLine Magazine: What sets BlackLine apart from other companies?

BlackLine walks to their own beat. We are not a company that follows the norm or even accepts the norm. We are built on a foundation that empowers women and minorities in an industry that didn’t use to.

BlackLine has a force of nature behind it—its employees—and together, we are setting a new corporate trend.

BlackLine doesn’t have employees, we have family, and that will forever push us beyond companies with employees who are just looking for a paycheck.

BlackLine Magazine: What is your team culture like?

Our team is more of an extended family. We are there to not only support each other career-wise—we’ve built a bond way beyond that.  We celebrate each other’s wins and assist with the losses in any way we can.

BlackLine Magazine: Tell us about your last team event.

We had a team cookout in good ol’ Knoxville, TN at our manager’s new home, who is a professional chef. Her parents even stopped by to join the fun.

We had great food, water balloon battles, and even threw down in a badminton competition.

BlackLine Magazine: What are you most excited about for your future at BlackLine and your career?

I am excited to continue being a part of the world’s transition to technology and innovation and know that this will forever keep my job interesting. I look forward to continuing to learn more and remain impactful in the industry.

BlackLine Magazine: What learning opportunities have you had at BlackLine?

I’ve taken quite a few of the available e-learning classes as well as the reoccurring webinars, all of which are very helpful.

BlackLine puts a lot of effort into ensuring we have all the resources we need. If we don’t, then they will make it happen.

BlackLine Magazine: What teams do you work with the most?

We partner with the Sales team and work very frequently with Implementations and our Solution Consultants.

Interested in joining our team? Head over to our careers page to learn more about how you can build a career with BlackLine.