3 Powerful Reasons Leading Companies Running Oracle Close With BlackLine


Over 500 of the most recognized and fastest growing global brands agree that there are plenty of reasons to run Oracle and close with BlackLine. Here are three of the most powerful reasons.

Deep Financial Close Features

Lack of granular features can quickly add up to user frustration. Granular functions are small by definition, but they add up to something big: they are essential to reduce manual effort in the month-end close.

BlackLine delivers deep product functionality that leads to lower implementation costs and risks. Features like flexible variance analysis, automatic posting to your ERP, and automatically reconciling items to journal entries help ensure a fast, accurate, and controlled financial close.

Multi-Source & Multi-Company Functionality

BlackLine understands that reconciliation processes reach across multiple sources, including corporate and business units. These sources often extend beyond ERPs to banks, acquired businesses, and different subledger applications.

Based on this foundational understanding, BlackLine was designed with the hybrid, changing enterprise in mind. The platform directly integrates with dozens of ERPs, third-party sources, and industry-specific systems.

We know that our customers need to connect to many different systems at the same time. So, BlackLine facilitates the ability to resolve many of the issues that come with consolidating data across these different systems.

Complete Journal Entry Automation

If you’re using Oracle, it’s vital to ensure that journal entries are posted back to the ERP as part of the reconciliation process. With BlackLine, your journal entries can be automatically validated, certified, and posted to Oracle based on configured rules.

Seamless integration between financial close and transactional systems ensures that journal entry postings don’t fall through the cracks and create problems later. If supporting items need to be manually exported and then imported, it creates additional risk that doesn’t need to be there.

BlackLine continuously innovates to provide the tightest integration between the month-end close, Oracle, and other ERPs.

More than Three

These are just three of the reasons companies running Oracle close with BlackLine. And there are plenty more.

If you want a solution that delivers results fast, BlackLine can do that. Need Accounting to have complete control without relying on IT? BlackLine can do that, too. If you’re worried about implementation, BlackLine has that covered, with over 1,500 projects completed by seasoned experts.

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