The Results Are In: BlackLine Is the Leader in G2’s 2020 Financial Close Software Grid


With tens of thousands of applications on the market, G2’s mission is to provide unbiased and authentic peer advice to help organizations make better technology decisions. After a year filled with pandemic-induced uncertainty, 2020 has made one thing certain: cloud financial close technology is an absolute must for modern business.

And G2 users agree that BlackLine is the Leader in financial close software.

What Does It Mean to Be a Leader?

G2 ranks products on customer Satisfaction and Market Presence. Satisfaction is based on user reviews of product attributes, number and quality of reviews, and the amount of recent reviews received.

Market Presence is based on attributes such as web and social presence, company growth, and the number of employees and users. Based on scores in these two categories, a product is placed into four quadrants on the Grid: Niche, Contender, High Performer, and Leader.

Leaders receive the highest ratings for both customer Satisfaction and Market Presence, and we are pleased to announce that BlackLine has been awarded this distinction.

As the only recognized Leader, BlackLine is committed to delivering modern accounting solutions that help organizations save time, reduce risk and costs, and increase employee morale—especially in uncertain times. We help the Office of Finance obtain and analyze the numbers faster to accelerate strategic business decisions in this new “normal.”

A Deeper Look Into BlackLine

BlackLine received the highest overall Satisfaction score of 88, which is significantly higher than the grid average of 56. Users noted that they would recommend BlackLine “with a lot of confidence” and that it is “completely innovative in boosting the accounting of a business.”

In fact, nearly 90% of users said they were likely to recommend BlackLine to a friend or colleague, and 95% of users agreed that the company is going in the right direction, compared to an average of 88% confidence in other products.

This is completely aligned with our dedication to customer success and continued focus on providing scalable modern accounting solutions to F&A organizations of all sizes.

To achieve the Leader distinction, BlackLine also had the highest Market Presence score of 93. The next highest product was rated 63 and the grid average was just 47.

Additionally, BlackLine is the most trusted and validated financial close vendor. We have the highest number of reviews—more than 450 compared to an average of just 53 reviews among over vendors on the Financial Close Software Grid.

Our experience in over 3,000 customer journeys has informed leading practices that help businesses unify their data and processes, automate repetitive work, and drive accountability through visibility.

There’s never been a more necessary time to modernize the way Finance and Accounting works. And G2 users overwhelmingly recommend BlackLine to lead them on their modern accounting journey.

Read the full G2 report to learn more about the value of partnering with a market-leading financial close software vendor.