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December 19, 2022

How Gojek Achieves Greater F&A Compliance with BlackLine

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An organisation’s digital transformation modernises and streamlines processes, drives transparency, and can uncover key efficiencies. This includes optimising core finance and accounting (F&A) processes to deliver overall better business outcomes.

BlackLine is committed to helping businesses around the world unify their systems, data, and processes and empower teams with accounting automation that makes a difference to focus on what matters most.

At a recent BlackLine User Group webinar event, Rebecca Rossellini, Financial System Automation and Support Manager at Gojek, spoke with BlackLine Account Manager Sebastien Nicolas on how BlackLine solutions have helped transform Gojek operations and solidified payment process compliance.

A Partnership for Process Success

Gojek is Southeast Asia’s leading on-demand multi-service platform which supports 2.6 million driver partners and over one million merchants across transportation, food delivery, and logistics services.

The company deals with massive amounts of data related to logistics, bookings, transactions, and financial movements from its various payment methods, merchants, and bank partners. The many moving parts challenge effective and compliant reconciliation process management. 

Rossellini stated, “Gojek always works to be a great government partner and as part of that we prioritise compliance. A critical tool for us is one that is able to quickly, accurately, and efficiently reconcile very high-volume payment data across multiple formats to match transactions with bank statements. And at the same time we need this tool to be configurable and easy to use.”

To support its needs, Gojek chose to work with BlackLine’s Transaction Matching module which can reconcile transactions at the data level, is user-friendly, and is able to process massive amounts of records within the required timeframes.

Added Rossellini, “Data reconciliation is critical to Gojek compliance. BlackLine was easy to use and helped Gojek to generate critical reports and help us solve data issues. BlackLine delivers on our most critical needs and has empowered the team to meet the highest governance standards through our compliance across finance and accounting operations.”

Currently, Gojek is finalising the implementation of several core BlackLine modules and has plans to expand on its use of the solution across its wider operations, including at its centre of excellence team.

Concluded Rossellini, “In the future, we expect to continue to leverage BlackLine modules and will continue to explore expanding the use of BlackLine solutions to meet our needs.”

Start Your Journey with BlackLine

At BlackLine, we’re committed to delivering on the promise of increased efficiency and automation with modern accounting. Our goal is to give time back to accountants and free them up to do more strategic work.

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