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July 09, 2019

Why You Don’t Want to Miss InTheBlack 2019

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Susanna Metzler

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InTheBlack offers a diverse portfolio of professional training opportunities for accountants that range from presentations, classroom workshops, quick tips sessions, and customer service labs. It has become the most popular conference among BlackLine customers, and it’s coming to Los Angeles on September 16-19.

Curious about what’s kept me coming back year after year? After all, there are other conferences out there that also offer training on the latest accounting techniques. So, why InTheBlack?

Networking Opportunities

The primary reason I attend is for the networking. Who doesn’t enjoy meeting new people who work in the same industry? And there is an enormous amount of sharing, learning, and leveraging that happens at InTheBlack each year.

For instance, I recall my very first conference. I was a ‘novice,’ lost in the large crowd of accountants from across the globe. Accompanied by only a few people from my former organization, I was determined to make sure I got the highest possible value out of this conference.

I signed up for every available class and workshop, and this resulted in a plethora of exchanged business cards and new friendships. Little did I know that my network was just beginning. Each year, as this event gets better and bigger, I continue to build my library of contacts and new friendships.

Extensive Training & Collaboration Opportunities

An additional accolade is the training and collaboration opportunities. This is the most obvious motivation for most people who attend.

BlackLine’s cutting-edge agenda is designed to offer new and exciting sessions each year, tackling a variety of topics that equip you to thrive in this age of change—from digital transformation and attracting top talent to Continuous Accounting and RPA.

You can’t help but acquire new and invaluable ideas to take back to your team, and you’ll find yourself afraid to miss a conference because of all the new sessions that are added each year.

A blend of BlackLine customers, partners, solution experts, and product managers, the presenters are world-class and deliver their extensive knowledge with creativity and relatability.

Customer-led sessions provide the opportunity for clients to share the lessons they’ve learned on their BlackLine journey, and the best practices they’re applying at their organization—along with the well-deserved chance to step into the spotlight and shine.

And then there are the bite-sized Bit sessions with unique product demos, tips, and tricks that will give you that ‘Aha’ moment.

The topics and material will seem endless. A careful review of the schedule will allow you to build an agenda that equips you with continuous knowledge and skills, ensuring a rewarding experience at InTheBlack.

Social Media Opportunities

Social media will make you feel even more connected throughout the conference. From the moment you set foot in the welcome reception, you’ll find yourself surrounded by other attendees tweeting snippets and applying the event hashtags. From LinkedIn and Twitter to Facebook and Instagram, BlackLine is there.

Even if you’re in the unfortunate group that cannot attend the conference, you can still catch some of the conference takeaways. BlackLine live streams select keynotes, and also live blogs to provide extensive coverage of the entire conference.

Evening Entertainment Opportunities

After a fun-filled day of sessions and networking, BlackLine provides state-of-the-art evening entertainment to further champion client engagement. Every evening, we are graciously invited to overindulge in an array of festivities from happy hours with incredible food and custom cocktails to fabulous off-site events.

Giving Back Opportunities

Giving is at the heart of BlackLine. Each year, BlackLine pays it forward with a Giving Back Day to serve the community, providing an open invitation for clients, partners, and BlackLiners to come together and make a difference. This makes you feel part of the BlackLine family on an even greater level.

I applaud how they shine with community service every year. What other tradeshow or conference have you attended that gives you the chance to dedicate an entire day to give back?

Will You Join Me?

Now that you know all the reasons that keep me coming back year after year, I hope you’ll join me in Los Angeles this fall for InTheBlack 2019.

Whether you’re just beginning your BlackLine journey or have been part of the BlackLine family for years, this conference will give you the knowledge and support you need to thrive.

Register today to explore the latest technology innovations, learn from customer successes, and advance your career alongside 1,500 like-minded accounting and finance professionals.

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