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April 19, 2024

Continuous Advantage with Clearsulting & BlackLine

Digital Transformation
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Content provided by Aliya Jabbar at Clearsulting

A recurring theme from our conversations with record-to-report (R2R) industry leaders is how to keep transformation momentum going. BeyondTheBlack underpins this as the event encapsulates what BlackLine offers to its customers and gears them up for enhancements, optimisations, and change for the coming year.

Clearsulting’s expertise lies in helping customers achieve maximum ROI consistently. We collaborate with BlackLine and our customers to find solutions that are not only fit for purpose but also durable.

In partnership with us, our successful customers incorporate these tactics from project inception to close and beyond.

Determine Your Stakeholders

How it starts is by asking the question: who are the right people to make this happen? Identification of the key internal and external stakeholders is critical.

With the correct mix of skills and knowledge within a project team, the potential risks are averted before they become roadblocks. Internally, a project sponsor with vision, a project manager to lead execution, and business & IT teams with expertise are the bedrock of a strong project team.

Externally, you need a partner with strong domain knowledge (like Clearsulting) who will collaborate with your team and BlackLine to ensure you’re implementing change in the most efficient way and meeting your strategic vision effectively.

Get Set Up for Success

When you work with Clearsulting, a honed and effective implementation methodology is a given. BlackLine selects us for our expertise and proven success in the space to support their customers. What sets us apart is the additional care we take to ensure our customers are set up for success.

There are two key elements we help our customers establish as part of the project.

  1. An important but simple measure for KPIs is reporting. It can be surprising how few customers use this powerful tool to monitor their usage post-go-live. Clearsulting’s teams work with customers during the project to configure and schedule reports they need to use in a business-as-usual mode.

  2. The second is more strategic, but just as key in monitoring the usage of the system: change boards. Most companies use technology transformation to achieve standardisation within the organisation. However, we often note that without a clearly defined process of change management, standardisation achieved during implementation is lost within a few short months post-go-live. A change board that interfaces regularly and approves any central and critical updates to the product, process, or policy underpinning R2R is paramount to continued success.


An Ethos of Continuous Improvement

It doesn’t… not for truly transformative organisations and customers. All SaaS products offer new features, developments, and enhancements. For an organisation to harness these and be at the forefront of technology, there must be an ethos of continuous improvement.

Clearsulting offers Administration Managed Services where we work with our customers to regularly review the use of their technology stack and ensure they’re adopting technology, process, and policy to obtain and maintain maximum ROI. We do the hard work of keeping up to date with BlackLine’s product suite and identifying the correct products to help our customers whether they’re the core offerings or new products added to the technology stack.

Whether you’re using one module or the entire core stack, connect with us to see where in your journey we can help you drive success.

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