How to Choose the Right Finance Transformation Platform


You’re the accounting and finance professional of the future. You’re building your analytical capabilities and developing financial strategies to move your organization forward.

Yet you’re still struggling with the tools of the past: broken Excel formulas, disparate checklists, and endless email chains. You’re substantiating balances, matching transactions, and tracking tasks manually.

The thing is, accounting and finance teams can’t move their organizations forward while they’re constantly stuck in the past. To be an expert, an analyst, and a business partner, accountants need time and insight. That means automating the repetitive tasks and providing transparency to results and trends in real-time, not next month.

You already understand the value of a finance transformation platform. Your boss does, too. Her boss even knows. Thus, the question is no longer “Do we need a platform?” but rather “How on earth do we choose the right one?”

Evaluating technology vendors is difficult and often made more challenging by all the noise in the marketplace. So how can you even begin to decide which platform is best for your organization?

The answer? With the facts.

At BlackLine, we think taking a closer look at verifiable information is a good start in any decision-making process. From startups to enterprise companies, from banking and manufacturing to consumer products, regardless of which ERP(s) they’re using, customers who rely on BlackLine experience some pretty powerful results.

And our customers stay with us, year after year. It’s not just the transformational capabilities of the platform, but also our high marks for customer service, which include implementation services, user forums, training opportunities, and access to the BlackLine Community.

Our partnerships confirm BlackLine’s ROI on an even deeper level. Deloitte partnered with BlackLine in 2017 to enhance its Deloitte Digital Controllership offering. Plus, BlackLine is the only SAP-Endorsed Business Solution for the Financial Close, and recently formed an alliance with Ernst & Young.

Ready to build a fact-based case for finance transformation at your organization? Read this brief to get started.