The CFO's Guide to Transforming the Close


Leading through change is challenging―because no one likes change.

Change means facing the unknown and embracing uncertainty, which are two things accounting and finance diligently strive to avoid. But transformation is essential for businesses to thrive, and a strong, visionary CFO is vital to effectively lead teams through the necessary changes.

This is a tall order in today’s rapidly changing business landscape. The CFO’s role has always been challenging, but now it’s evolving with increasing complexity, requiring expertise outside of the accounting scope in key areas like risk management, technology, Big Data, and project management.

CFOs are also expected to transform their entire Finance Department because most aren’t technologically advanced enough to meet modern business needs. For far too long, teams have been using centuries-old accounting methods, forcing CFOs and finance leaders to be reflexive instead of proactive, limiting their ability to impact the business.

Finance needs a visionary leader with the ability to challenge the status quo and implement new technology to automate repetitive tasks and generate the right analytics. And CFOs need support and insight to cultivate the required skill set, create the right vision, and become this kind of leader.

They need an outline, a rulebook, or perhaps even a guide to help learn about, initiate, and lead the crucial changes for their organization.

For this reason, and BlackLine created A CFO’s Guide to Transforming the Close. It reveals how modern finance chiefs leverage people, process, and technology to transform their accounting and finance teams―and how you can evolve into the kind of leader your organization needs.

Download the guide to discover how CFOs can be agents of change to transform finance with the right people, technology, and processes.