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April 06, 2024

Embed Automation Across Every Accounting Process with the BlackLine Accounting Studio

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Hilary O'Brien

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It’s no secret that BlackLine’s solutions help customers solve their most complex accounting challenges in the areas of financial close, invoice-to-cash, and intercompany. We do this by helping our customers visualize, orchestrate, and automate accounting processes to modernize their F&A operations and free up time to focus on more strategic, value-added work. We’re incredibly proud of the transformations our customers have achieved.

The Most Indispensable Platform for the Office of the CFO

But we’re not resting on our laurels—we're always striving to help you accomplish more. In short, we want to be the most indispensable platform for the office of the CFO. To continue on our path towards this goal, we’ve been working on a solution that enables organizations to unify disparate financial data systems, orchestrate and design end-to-end processes, and embed automation across every accounting process.

Introducing the BlackLine Accounting Studio

The first phase of our newest endeavor—the BlackLine Accounting Studio—will focus on financial close processes. This advanced solution will enable a new level of automation for BlackLine customers, no matter your current level of integration and adoption, by bringing into BlackLine more data, processes, work, and reporting. Combined, this will empower F&A teams to achieve unprecedented levels of execution.

With this solution, companies will be able to:

  • Integrate, unify, and “mask” underlying system complexity in the cloud, whether your organization uses one or many ERPs

  • Digitize and orchestrate processes to add additional capability to your ecosystem

  • Automate routine work and free capacity to be reinvested back into the business

  • Maximize visibility and collaboration across your workforce

  • Strengthen compliance posture allowing for proactive, intelligent risk management

  • Empower F&A teams to deliver business insights while providing a positive employee experience

One Space to Visualize, Orchestrate & Automate

The BlackLine Accounting Studio will become your one space to visualize, orchestrate, and automate end-to-end accounting processes. Initially, it will enable you to further optimize and automate financial close processes. As we continue to roll out more functionality to round out the solution, we’re confident that BlackLine will be your strategic enabler, your critical accounting hub, and your partner.

The BlackLine Accounting Studio will be your place to:

  • Define business and regulatory constraints

  • Gather data inputs

  • Define a compliant process

  • Incorporate stakeholder feedback

  • Execute your daily/monthly/quarterly/annual plan

  • Optimize processes for efficient and scalable performance

  • Document the work for reproducibility and reporting

… all under the guidance of BlackLine’s expertise and leading practices we've gained from working with thousands of customers.

There is no other company thinking this way about accounting process transformation and we’re excited to continue the journey with you.

Welcome to the BlackLine Accounting Studio.

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