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June 06, 2023

Don’t Miss These Speakers at BeyondTheBlack 2023

Modern Accounting
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Hilary O'Brien

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There are numerous benefits to attending BeyondTheBlack—BlackLine’s annual conference being held this year in San Diego, September 11-13.

Each year, the conference features an impressive roster of speakers, and this year is no different! The 2023 lineup will include a wide range of customer speakers that span a variety of industries, BlackLine solutions, company sizes, and BlackLine user roles. In addition to these amazing clients who will generously share their stories, the conference will spotlight some incredible guest speakers as well as a notable cast of BlackLine executives and leaders.

Get ready to go beyond … register today!

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Jade Simmons

Are you ready to experience a seismic shift in your mindset? There’s not a bigger believer in your potential to think bigger, do bigger, and be bigger than Jade Simmons.

A world-class concert pianist and powerhouse speaker, Jade uses the piano as a vehicle to provide inspiration, entertainment, and transformation that profoundly moves her audience. She connects leaders and professionals to their purpose and unleashes momentum in both life and business. Through unique insights on leadership, innovation, and personal growth, you’ll discover how to unleash your inner maestro, transcend the back office, and define your transformational legacy.

Don’t miss this incredible opening keynote to kick off BeyondTheBlack on a high note.

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Maurice Conti

As a futurist and an expert in emerging technologies and AI, Maurice Conti is here to tell us that we’ve gone beyond into a new era. A rare blend of a hands–on practitioner and big thinker, Maurice helps companies thrive in this rapidly changing landscape. He’s particularly adept at seeing the technological potential in a company’s future and has inspired audiences to rethink their approach to innovation.

In this keynote session, you’ll discover how artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation transform roles, unlock efficiencies, and enable strategic decision-making. Gain powerful insights to embrace change, foster innovation, and harness advancements to lead your organization into the future. Prepare to be inspired and challenged as you embark on an intellectual journey that redefines the boundaries of F&A.

BlackLine Executives & Leaders

BlackLine’s leaders have a wealth of knowledge built on years of experience helping our customers modernize and transform their F&A processes. Each of them goes beyond to ensure your success, and they can’t wait to share their insights and expertise to guide you on your journey to modern accounting.

Day 1

To kick off the event, BlackLine's founder and co-CEO Therese Tucker and co-CEO Owen Ryan will present how BlackLine is revolutionizing the accounting landscape by empowering F&A professionals to move beyond traditional back-office roles. They’ll help you discover how to embrace digital transformation to unlock unprecedented value by transforming the value you bring to your role, team, company, and profession. And, they’ll delve into BlackLine's mission to modernize accounting, enabling clients to capitalize on new opportunities and drive strategic growth.

Day 2

Immerse yourself in a groundbreaking keynote session where BlackLine leaders and experts will unveil the latest innovations and announcements driving transformational change. Discover how BlackLine is redefining the future of accounting by empowering F&A professionals to go beyond the back office with solutions that unify, orchestrate, and automate end-to-end accounting processes.

This is also the day we are proud to present our Modern Accounting Award winners. Witness the power of modern accounting in action as BlackLine customers share their inspiring success stories, showcasing the results that earned them this prestigious award. Learn how these trailblazers leveraged BlackLine's cutting-edge solutions to revolutionize their financial processes, elevate efficiency, and unlock unprecedented value. This captivating session will help the audience explore and embrace the future of accounting and prepare to transform your organization's F&A journey.

Day 3

Finally, to wrap up this year’s BeyondTheBlack, be sure to join us for a transformative keynote experience that seamlessly blends expert insights with visionary foresight, exploring the future of F&A. Engage with distinguished speakers from our Titanium Sponsors who will share their perspectives on the latest trends and strategies in digital finance transformation. Learn how top organizations navigate complexities, leverage technology, and embrace modern accounting for strategic growth and success.

Go Beyond with BlackLine

In addition to this impressive lineup of speakers, BeyondTheBlack offers an agenda packed with sessions on financial close management, accounts receivable automation, intercompany financial management, and hot F&A topics. You’ll also enjoy valuable networking opportunities, exclusive parties and events, and beautiful San Diego accommodations. Don’t miss the premier F&A event of the year. Register today or reach out to your BlackLine representative to learn more!

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