Beyond the Close: BlackLine's October UK Events


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This monthly BlackLine UK update is full of insightful content about how you can make the move to modern accounting at your organisation.

Get your free digital copy of our brand new Modernising Accounting For Dummies book (it’s worth a read) and then discover the six skills Accounting needs to survive the robot uprising.

AR friends, keep scrolling to read our blog on Moving to Automated Account Reconciliation and find out what areas you should be focusing on. Then, try out our shiny new ROI calculator to visualize what your ROI could be with BlackLine Cash Application. You might be surprised.

We’ve also included some of the exciting things events we have planned, including the accounting and finance event of the year, BeyondTheBlack.

Modernising Accounting For Dummies, BlackLine Special Edition


We partnered with the For Dummies brand to write the book on Modernising Accounting For Dummies. It will help you understand the real cost of manual accounting processes and discover how you can eliminate and automate them to focus on more strategic work.

6 Skills Needed for Accounting to Survive the Robot Uprising


As accounting and finance professionals, you do so much more than just handle money matters. But if the majority of your days are spent manually reconciling accounts and matching transactions, little time is left for these bigger picture activities.

Moving to Automated Account Reconciliation


Traditional reconciliations place a number of burdens on your accounting staff, like compiling data and ticking and tying. Automation takes care of all these tasks and more, so your team can focus on other aspects of the process.

Visualize Your ROI with BlackLine Cash Application


Realise the value of accounts receivable automation with our ROI calculator. Forget the guesswork and ditch the spreadsheets so your teams can make smarter, more accurate finance and credit decisions.

Upcoming Webinars & Events

Leading the Change in the New Way of Working

The way we work has changed dramatically since March 2020. Professional operational managers need to understand the dynamics of their organisation, market, and team to ensure they continue to add value and lead the changes in credit management.

Join us for Leading the Change in the New Way of Working on Thursday 14th October at 10:00 BST, with BlackLine’s Brian Morgan, Joris Kniep from Kinetic Consulting of Geneva, and Chris Sanders from Sanders Consulting Associates. All three have operational credit backgrounds and a wealth of experience leading and managing change in complex organisations.

During this webinar, you will discover how to:

  • Take control and lead your credit management team through this change

  • Create win-win scenarios with stakeholders

  • Determine what to measure as you lead this transformation

BeyondTheBlack 2021: Master Strategic Accounting Skills to Focus on What Matters


Join us for BeyondTheBlack on 16-18 November, along with 15,000 controllers, accountants, finance executives, and BlackLine experts from around the world for three days of innovation, collaboration, and celebration.

What to expect at this year’s event:

  • Inspirational keynotes from special guests

  • Breakout sessions to guide your modern accounting journey

  • One-on-one virtual meetings with experts

  • And so much more!

We’re curating a unique experience that will offer achievable steps to automate busy work, unlock global visibility, and become a business partner—whether you’re focused on optimizing BlackLine, adopting our solutions, or just beginning your modern accounting journey.