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July 26, 2022

Automating Critical F&A Processes for Mid-Sized Companies

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Hilary O'Brien

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As business needs become increasingly complex, digital innovation is the only way to thrive and compete. Technologies like multicloud, as-a-service delivery models, and modern networking have become fundamental to survival. When a company allows its finance and accounting team to cling to manual processes, for example, managing manage high volumes of matching transactions from multiple sources, it can degrade business results and increase risk exposure.

How Cloud-Native ERPs Benefit F&A

Ideal for mid-sized businesses, cloud-native ERPs make it easy to automate and streamline many of the financial management capabilities needed to manage operations across the company. Organizations have room to build on and extend ERP functionality to further enhance their operations in areas such as:

  • Eliminating repetitive high-volume F&A tasks and reducing risk

  • Monitoring workflows to lower risk and boost productivity

  • Reducing time to close

  • Creating more time for F&A to act as strategic advisors to the business

  • Providing transparent reporting and metrics

Many mid-sized companies find success when pairing a cloud-native ERP, like Sage Intacct, with a partner, like BlackLine, that offers compatible F&A solutions for financial close management, accounts receivable automation, and intercompany financial management. These partnerships can offer, for example, automatic formatting and importing of data without additional coding. This allows F&A teams to manage and perform balance sheet substantiation, high-volume transaction matching and journal entries, and other accounting tasks on a single centralized platform.

Watch this free on demand webinar to discover how automation addresses F&A challenges and creates capacity for teams to deliver insights, analysis, and business value.

What Is Sage Intacct?

Sage Intacct is used by thousands of organizations, including startups and public companies, to make the finance function more productive. The cloud accounting software products and financial management solutions deliver deep accounting capabilities to accelerate success.

Sage Intacct delivers innovative capabilities that provide the scalability and flexibility required for growing businesses. In addition to moving your business beyond manual accounting practices, Sage Intacct streamlines operations and provides visibility across your organization.

How Sage Intacct & BlackLine Work Together

BlackLine’s cloud-based solutions for financial close management, accounting automation, and intercompany governance complement Sage Intacct. Using BlackLine’s Intacct Connector, companies can realize benefits such as significant automation of processes, including balance sheet substantiation, high-volume transaction matching, and manual journal entries. By unifying data and processes, automating repetitive work, and driving accountability through visibility, BlackLine and Sage Intacct help F&A teams work better, faster, and with more control.

According to Stephen Wolfman, senior director of product management at BlackLine, “Accounting teams can spend less time manually extracting and formatting data from their ERP and spend time on more value-added activities. BlackLine’s Intacct Connector can securely transmit the most up to date info that results in true data compatibility and greater accuracy.”

Get your copy of this white paper to learn more about how unifying data and processes, automating repetitive work, and driving accountability through visibility, can help F&A teams work better, faster, and with more control across time zones and departments.

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