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August 18, 2020

5 Defining Qualities of a Leading Modern Accounting Solution

Modern Accounting
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Sonia Chu

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This article originally appeared in FEI Daily. It’s a 3-minute read.

Not all financial close solutions are created equal. Especially during times of flux, organizations need a solution that can sustain social and economic shifts, continue to make us more productive and effective at our jobs, and help us prepare for the future.

F&A teams need automation they can trust.

BlackLine’s Finance Controls and Automation platform is trusted by nearly 300,000 users in over 130 countries around the world.  We’ve been part of the Forbes Cloud 100 list and the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 list for the tenth year in a row.

Below are five of the top reasons companies choose BlackLine to help them make the move to modern accounting.


BlackLine has experience mapping out modern accounting pathways for both well-known enterprises like Coca-Cola and The Hershey Company and up-and-coming midsize businesses like GoodRx.

Although we have a comprehensive suite of finance and accounting automation solutions, we help companies of all sizes get started with just the close automation essentials they need.

Our Modern Accounting Playbook delivers a purpose-built solution based on leading practices to get finance and accounting teams up and running on close automation solutions quickly.

Unlike other point solutions, BlackLine allows you to enhance and optimize your processes with additional points of automation when the time is right.

Get Up & Running Quickly to Reduce Manual Work & Minimize Risk

Manual accounting creates bottlenecks that cost you valuable resources and extend the time to close. With BlackLine, accountants can automatically reconcile accounts continuously throughout the month.

Our solutions enable your teams to forgo the huge spike of manual work and month-end and instead, even out your workloads throughout the month to avoid unnecessary overtime and adverse effects on employee morale.

Unlike the competition, we implement intelligent business rules to auto-certify up to 85% of your accounts each month, so you can save time and focus on higher risk accounts and exceptions. And, depending on your ERP, we can have you implemented in 60 to 90 days.

Additionally, we rapidly train you and your teams on BlackLine to accelerate your time to value. According to Nucleus Research, it can take as little as seven weeks for customers to begin realizing payback from BlackLine.

And on average, customers gain $2.67 for every dollar spent.

Empowers the Business Through Improved Visibility & Continuous Innovation

BlackLine continuously invests in our customers. We recently launched new dashboards and visualizations so that teams can view and track close activities and workloads at a glance, and click into underlying detail and work performed.

BlackLine is not only easy to use but also powerful—a statement other close management solutions cannot support. Our application securely runs ERP and source data, performs reconciliations, processes underlying automation logic, and stores supporting detail.

Each year, BlackLine dedicates over $50 million in R&D to meet the dynamic needs of finance and accounting professionals.

Enables a Distributed Workforce Supported by a Community of Experts

Recent global events have challenged companies in unprecedented ways. BlackLine is helping F&A organizations build confidence with a virtual close, even in uncertain times.

We’re partnered with many of the top advisory services firms in the county, so our team can work directly with you or you can choose the consulting and implementation partner of your choice.

Through our collaborative accounting experience, we provide a guided, clear path to modern accounting and access to a global community of experts. And, most importantly, we are committed to your continued success.

Past Success Predicts Future Results

Past performance is the most significant predictor of success. With over 3,000 customers and a 97% customer retention rate, BlackLine is helping companies of all sizes and across every industry embrace modern accounting.

We’re dedicated to helping customers close faster with complete and accurate results.

Get your copy of the Modern Accounting Office ebook to read the story of how three visionaries came together for a more efficient close.

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