Automating Journal Entries

The Many Benefits of Automating Journal Entries with BlackLine

Journal entries are a time-consuming and effort-intensive burden for many accountants. The process of creating and posting journals is typically spreadsheet driven and lacks robust controls.

The good news is that EFCA technology can automate the process and provide a centralized, controlled system to create journal entries and replace manual workflows. No longer do accountants have to worry about managing detailed journal entries with thousands of lines or painstakingly tracking down supporting documentation for approvals.

In fact, The Hackett Group reports 93% of the top performing finance and accounting departments now automate their journal entries.

In our latest whitepaper with CITO Research we explore how organizations are successfully automating journal entries and how your organization can take advantage of this technology.

In this paper you will learn:

  • The risks of manually posting journal entries
  • Gaps in your current technology investments
  • The benefits of automating the journal entry process
  • The types of journal entries you can automate