Accounting automation software leader recognized for commitment to change, successful implementation of new content marketing and operations strategy to better enable Sales

LOS ANGELES – Dec. 10, 2019 – BlackLine, Inc. (Nasdaq: BL) was honored yesterday as ‘Change Enablement Champion’ by Kapost (a leading B2B content marketing solution provider) at its 2019 Kapost Customer Awards. In being named 2019 Change Enablement Champion, the accounting automation software leader was recognized for its commitment to change as the company successfully implemented a new content marketing and operations strategy in the past year designed to better enable Sales by more efficiently and effectively producing and distributing content across company departments internally, as well as via external channels to prospects and customers.

“An effective content operation plan relies on the right mix of people, process and technology,” said Andres Botero, BlackLine’s chief marketing officer. “By implementing Kapost, we were able to scale our content marketing activities with quality and consistency, enhance the customer experience and deliver content that resonates and drives growth.”

The Kapost Customer Awards recognize individuals and teams who leverage Kapost to spearhead the transformation to better-aligned teams and enhanced customer experiences. Recognition as the Kapost Change Enablement Champion goes to the team that is most thoughtful about change, while successfully engaging new users to rouse excitement about content operations, visibility and Kapost by showing the path to content success.

“The BlackLine team’s commitment to spearheading change is nothing short of inspirational. In just one year, they’ve grown an ambitious idea into a globally successful program that empowers marketers and sellers alike,” said Toby Murdock, GM, Marketing & Sales Enablement, Upland Software. “We at Upland Kapost feel privileged to stand by their side as they continue to pioneer the future of world-class content operations.”

Kapost was acquired earlier in 2019 by Upland Software. The Kapost Customer Awards were presented on Dec. 9th at the company’s 2019 Content Operations Summit.


Ashley Dyer

Public Relations Director

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