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You want your business to grow. To be profitable. And to remain competitive. Creating reliable, scalable finance and accounting period-end processes is key to this success. Over 400 top performing midsized businesses use the BlackLine Finance Controls & Automation Platform to automate key processes such as the financial close, reconciliations, intercompany settlement, and journal entries, and free up staff to move from just reporting on the results, to analyzing and understanding them. If you use spreadsheets and emails to find discrepancies and investigate them, if you manually create the same journal entries every period, or if you just find yourself doing the same tasks manually over and over again each period, then you, too, can greatly benefit from modernizing your processes.

Solutions for Midsized Businesses

Addressing your accounting challenges

Transaction Matching

Accurately match and reconcile millions of transactions in minutes.

Bank and Credit Card Reconciliations

Automate and scale your bank and credit reconciliations.

GL Reconciliations/Account Reconciliation

Eliminate spreadsheets, and increase efficiency, control and visibility.

Intercompany Settlements

Centralize and streamline all intercompany transactions.

Journal Entry Automation

Centralize and control the creation and posting of journal entries.

Task Management

Improve control and monitor any accounting or finance process.

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Benefits for Midsize Business

Automate Manual Processes
Mitigate Financial Risk
Secure and Easy Implementation
Reduce Cost of Paper Storage

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Mid-Market Executives Identify Big Accounting Issues

The results highlight key process holes effecting mid-market companies today.


BlackLine Integrates with Any ERP

BlackLine’s highly secure unified cloud platform integrates with any ERP system, and can also take in data from bank files, credit card processors, or any other data source. This closes the gaps in accounting processes left by your ERP system. It also allows you to work with current data in a controlled environment, instead of relying on spreadsheets, emails, and file shares to get things done. Featured ERP’s include:

Warum BlackLine?

BlackLine is the world's most trusted solution for Finance Controls and Automation