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Pourquoi BlackLine

San Francisco-based Zendesk builds software for better customer relationships. When the company went public in 2014, it was growing rapidly. But the company’s growth brought challenges. Along with its paid customer accounts, employee headcount was shooting up and Zendesk’s IT group was planning to add new cloud applications for CRM, HR, and other functions to its NetSuite ERP system. Meanwhile, the accounting group was still using mostly manual processes for reconciling accounts at the monthly close.

The company brought in BlackLine to automate its transaction-matching, account-reconciliation and task-management processes in 2014. Since 2014, Zendesk’s paid customer accounts have jumped to 94,000; employee count has grown to 1,600; and annual revenues have grown past $300 million, BlackLine and the automated processes it offers, have become even more valuable to our monthly close processes and to Zendesk’s accounting group.



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« Nous devons êtres sûrs que les informations qui nous parviennent sont fiables, toujours opérationnelles et toujours accessibles. C'est le cas avec BlackLine. »

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